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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (September version):

KUMAR ORGANIC PRODUCTS is one of the largest producers of Triclosan, Zinc Pyrithione and Minoxidil molecules.

MOGADOR ARGANOIL manufactures of organic argan oil in Morocco


SABO is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of Functional Ingredients for Skin and Hair Care.

News from Premium members

Welcome to the age of skin neuroscience!

ALGAKTIV® Zen prevents lifestyle aging by shielding the skin from stress. A scientific breakthrough that allows you to connect with Millennials and the iGeneration. Welcome to the age of skin neuroscience !


ARKEMA presents “SENSE THE DIFFERENCE”, a new sample kit where multiple benefits of Orgasol® sensorial powders are easily detectable in skin care and make up formulations when compared to reference samples. Contact Arkema to discover this product set.

Trendy Hair Protection, even in winter !

CALDIC : Trendy Hair Protection, even in winter ! To prevent the surface of the hair becomes dry, porous, brittle and rough, we bring you the solution by using silicones in your Hair Care formulations. Our flagship products in Hair Care : Calsil CE 49 P dealing care, conditioner, repair & Calsil CP 20 : color protection and shine.
Possibility of tailor made to Emulsions… in large an small quantities

An innovative shielding technology based on Baycusan® C 1004

COVESTRO : offers an innovative shielding technology based on Baycusan® C 1004. It forms a smooth protective film on the skin to prevent pollutants from penetrating. What’s more, its good flexibility and breathability keep skin elastic and oxygenated. Baycusan® C 1004 can be used in face cream or as a make-up basis. Make-up sits better and lasts longer – for beautiful and well-protected skin every day.

Black Cumin CO2-extract with anti-microbial effect

FLAVEX Naturextrakte offers organic Black Cumin CO2-extract with anti-microbial effect for oral and topical applications. The unique combination of essential oil with thymoquinones as important ingredients, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other active ingredients guarantees good efficacy in the indicated fields. In cosmetic creams the oil acts as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and preservative component. It is used for treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rheumatic diseases.

A new marketing concept box

Givaudan Active Beauty : Active Beauty launches a new marketing concept box around hair care. Our Team crafted 3 innovative products adapted to suit each phase of the hair growth : an emulsion, a black subliming styling cream containing our latest Colourboosting Unispheres® Technology and a sprayable lotion.

IES LABO becomes INOLEX Provence

IES LABO - Starting on 01/01/2017, IES LABO becomes INOLEX Provence and will be responsible of the commercialization of INOLEX products in France. INOLEX Provence will keep IES LABO activity and will continue to offer all sorts of liquid extracts.

New production tools

GREENSEA, the marine subsidiary of GREENTECH, producing microalgae and algae
extracts, has recently invested in new production tools and its daily production capacity now reaches nearly 1,000 l of liquid extracts and 150 kg of soft extracts.

Miniporyl™ reduces the appearance of pores

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Miniporyl™, reduces the appearance of pores & refines skin texture in 15 days, primer-like high definition result !

IImerCare™ Opaque

IMERYS presents a new addition to its ImerCare™ mineral range : ImerCare™ Opaque. It is an eco-friendly, kaolin-based solution that imparts opacity and whiteness to gel and shampoo formulations. Unlike chemical opacifiers, ImerCare™ Opaque is neither pH nor ionic-surfactant sensitive. It is a one-size-fits-all solution for a wide range of gels and shampoos.


From the last J.RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE (JRS) innovation, VIVAPUR CS 400 CHARCOAL is a 100% natural colored exfoliating grade, without pigment. Charcoal gives the grey color and its detoxifying properties, ideal in an exfoliation application. It can also be used at a very small content for a visual effect.

NEUROVITY®, a breakthrough for anti-aging world

Laboratoires Expanscience : NEUROVITY®, new active ingredient resulting from a revolutionary culture and extraction process ! NEUROVITY® reveals your secret youth in slowing down neuro-aging process and rebalancing melanogenesis : skin is lightened, darks sports are attenuated.

ShapePerfection: Burns fat and fights cellulite

MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY : Burns fat and fights cellulite. ShapePerfection is an oil-soluble active that is based on mustard sprout extract and capsaicin. Centimeter by centimeter, ShapePerfection will reduce both body girth and signs of cellulite to ensure a well-shaped body.

The Saffron flowers

NATUREX - SAFFRON FLOWER:One of the most highly prized spices, Saffron is renowned for its culinary and health properties. The Saffron flowers are also sourced for their beauty properties. The entire process respects the raw material, its environment, and its custodians and their traditional cultivation and harvesting knowledge.

Three innovative formulas

NATUROCHIM - The NAT SUNFLOWER WAX has been used by NATUROCHIM to develop three innovative formulas : the BAOBAB BLUSH & GLOSS, the MAKE-UP REMOVER JELLY and the SUNKISS LIPSTICK ; samples available upon request.

The ISO 22000 certification

PARAMELT has recently received the ISO 22000 certification for the production sites in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands and Suzhou, China. Paramelt offers high quality specialty waxes to customers in the Cosmetic and Pharma industry.


SEPPIC:EMOSMART™ & EMOGREEN™ are 2 oil ranges (alkanes) readily biodegradable. Allow to formulate without silicones while responding to the highest requirements of sensoriality, naturalness (Emogreen), purity and respect for the environment.

Water drop= water-releasing= quick breaking

SUNJIN is happy to introduce Waterdropsil. This new technology allows a waterdrop effect ( water releasing effect). Water drop= water-releasing= quick breaking.

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