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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (September 2017 version):

ISALTIS is a French compagny manufacturing pharmaceutical, oral care and personal care actives under GMP Pharma conditions. ISALTIS is particularly specialized in the production of organic mineral salts based on vegetable, mineral and marine raw materials.

MMP develops original purified vegetal extracts, natural-derived compounds, as well as high synhetic ingredients with innovative cosmetic activities. For over 30 years, MMP has been committed to meeting the highly individualizes needs of each customer.

MORINGA CONNECT provides a dedicated agricultural extension officer, training, organic seeds and fertilizer, and financing as needed to enable over 2500 small farmers throughout Ghana to kickstart their moringa farms. Most importantly, we provide a guaranteed market for the leaves and seeds they produce.

News from Premium members

Microbiome or microalgae?

ALGAKTIV - Microbiome or microalgae ? You can actually have both....join the ALGAKTIV® BioSKN revolution - a practical approach to energize the skin and balance its microbiome. The ultimate skin super food delivers visible and lasting results in just 10 days ! Do not hesitate in contacting us at or simply reach out to your local ALGAKTIV distributor to learn more !

A unique 100% plant-based sensory powder

ARKEMA Orgasol® GREEN TOUCH is a unique 100% plant-based sensory powder to impart multiple benefits to sustainable formulations. It delivers a velvety and creamy feel, natural finish, enhanced compaction and soft focus properties.


BERKEMYOL® GREEN TEA. Berkem, expert in plant extraction, reinforce proof of the efficiency of its active from green tea, thanks to new studies. After 28 days of use, the oxygenation activity of the active has been proven clinically and in vitro, leading to a significantly increase of the oxygenation rate of the skin.For more information.

BEAUACTIVE®, a new potent skin bioactive

DSM - People looking for beautiful skin think first of eliminating lines and wrinkles, but conspicuous facial pores and age spots, may be equally troubling. DSM is addressing these concerns with BEAUACTIVE®, a new potent skin bioactive which triggers multiple effects for beautiful skin appearance.

Sourcing natural and organic ingredients

Bidah & Chaumel Sl, as a company specialized in natural and organic products, has obtained added to their organic certificates with bio.inspecta and under European Organic regulation CE 834/2007, the Organic certificate under COSMOS standard.

Coming Soon - DOWSIL™

The DOW Chemical Company - Coming Soon- DOWSIL™ - Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Corning is rolling out a new product brand name – DOWSIL™ – for its high-performance silicone-based products. The new DOWSIL product brand name represents the combined power of Dow and Dow Corning and emphasizes longstanding global expertise in silicone technologies across dozens of industries. Through a phased implementation over the next several months, Dow Corning® branded silicone products will move to the new DOWSIL name. Product descriptors that are part of the product names today will remain the same.

CALSIL range

CALDIC - The silicone market is experiencing a crisis at the end of the year. In order to be able to formulate your Hair Care, Skin Care and Make-Up products containing silicones, Caldic France offers you its Calsil range. Particularly volatiles silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane Calsil CV50, always available in different packs, samples, documentation and prices on request

Evonik Advanced Botanicals

EVONIK : At the end of September, Evonik celebrated the opening of the new site for its Evonik Advanced Botanicals subsidiary in Tours (France). Now part of the Personal Care Business Line, the new subsidiary was created in 2016 when Evonik acquired experts in biotechnological production of plant-based active ingredients, French start-up, Alkion Biopharma SAS. As a result, Evonik now boasts one of the world’s leading technologies for plant-based cosmetic active ingredients.

Bioactive phytosterols

FLAVEX Naturextrakte has recently successfully completed the COSMOS certification for a range of botanical CO2-extracts. The CO2-extracts meet also the strict criteria of other natural cosmetic standards e.g. NATRUE, NPA, NSF/ANSI 305.

Revivyl™: Gold for the “Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award”

GIVAUDAN Active Beauty was recognised with honours after winning Gold for the “Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award” at in-cosmetics Latin America 2017 with our multifunctional active cosmetic ingredient Revivyl™, the holistic skin renewal accelerator supported by metagenomics analysis and stem cell research.

Award from Frost & Sullivan

GREENTECH - Urbalys Global Anti-Pollution - Greentech is proud to win the Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan for the launch of Urbalys - Global Anti-Pollution - A 360° protection against urban pollution attacks in all its forms and which allow a best oxygenation of the skin. More informations :

Capixyl™ New data

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Capixyl™ : New data on preservation of Hair Follicle Stem Cells (HFSC) activity for better regeneration ! Capixyl™, for hair loss prevention & growth stimulation ! More info

Anti-pollution properties of Vitachelox®

INDENA : Vitachelox® clinically and vitro proved to be effective in protecting the skin from environmental pollutants and rebalance skin microflora, offering a potential protection from major environmental skin challenges.


JRS - VIVAPUR® CS 4 FM : This natural powder gives softness and matifying effect reduces visible wrinkles by 11% after 15 minutes application of a eye-serum at 2% concentration (VISIA study). This is the ideal alternative to synthetic powders in face care, anti-ageing, sunscreens and make-up….


Laboratoires Expanscience : Let’s enjoy Passion fruit benefits with 2 actives : ORMESIA (polyphenols), anti-pollution actor, activates natural self-defense mechanisms to recover a purified skin. PASSIOLINE (unsaponifiables) promotes skin repair & regeneration to erase daily lesions.

Bronze at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award

LUBRIZOL, At the recent in-cosmetics® Global show that took place on April 4th – 6th in London, Lubrizol’s REPROAGE™ peptide and AVALURE™FLEX-6 polymer were honored with Bronze at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award and Make up Bar Award respectively.

InfraGuard – new tests - blue light and pollution

MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY - InfraGuard – new tests - blue light and pollution - InfraGuard neutralizes free radicals induced by infrared and also blue light. Besides, this active ingredient effectively inhibits the oxidation of skin proteins that is induced by pollution (PM10).

« Beauty Food »

NATUREX has extended its ‘Beauty Food’ range of natural skin care solutions made with ingredients derived from plants found in the food chain. The new ‘Energy Boost’ collection comprises two concepts formulated with cornelian and acerola cherry extracts.

RSPO Supply Chain Certification

Schill+Seilacher - Since Schill+Seilacher has been certified in 2017 according to RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, our well known amino acid based surfactants are now achievable also in Mass Balance quality. PERLASTAN SLG 38 MB ; PERLASTAN L-30 MB ; PERLASTAN L MB.

Paracera N - customizable options

PARAMELT introduces their Paracera N line of high performance narrow distribution waxes. A broad range of customizable options give you enhanced control over the rheology, crystallization, gelation and stability of your personal care products.’

Sustainable palm oil

SEPPIC participates in a sustainable palm oil program. Starting with the MONTANOV 68 MB, an iconic green emulsifier, 29 ingredients are now covered by the Mass Balance certification.

Leniphenol – the new multifunctional ingredient

SINERGA - Leniphenol – the new multifunctional ingredient. Leniphenol is a totally green active ingredient with a synergistic and multifunctional activity : it matches high anti-oxidant and anti-pollution efficacy with a lenitive activity for sensitive skin, while counteracting skin ageing.

Spec-Chem is exhibiting at CPHi

Spec-Chem industry inc.will attend CPHI at 24-26 October 2017. Stand No:101A32. Welcome and have a look around our stand,Thank you !

Functionality and naturalness with Sunsil Oleo

SUNJIN - With the silica-based Sunsil Oleo, Sunjin combines functionality and naturalness into one raw material. The beads’ hydrophobic surfaces are especially good at producing effects such as “fast absorption” and “selective sebum absorption”. these beads are ideally suited to leave-on formulations. Sunsil Oleo can furthermore be used in natural cosmetics concepts.

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