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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (May 2017 version):

AKEMA Fine Chemicals is a manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients focused on the production of Allantoin, Allantoin Derivatives & Preservatives. The company is an independent family-owned business founded in 1973 and located in Northern Italy.

BIDAH & CHAUMEL is a Spanish company specialized in sourcing natural and organic ingredients, essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters, butters, waxes ... in accordance with the highest standards of purity and quality.are ; They provide argan oil, rosehip oil, prickly pear oil, almond oil, refined almond oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, shea butter, organic glycerin and organic alcohol among a big amount of products for cosmetics.

VITALAB takes inspiration from science to develop the most innovative and high quality active ingredients based on profound scientific know how and a deep understanding of the beauty markeoffers a wide range of active ingredients for personal skin care products, which derive from plant tissue cultures, microalgae, industrial food by-products and somatic embryos.

News from Premium members

Welcome to the age of skin neuroscience!

ALGAKTIV® BioSKN is now available in Coptis ! The ultimate skin super food is transparent, easy to formulate and self-preserved. It delivers outstanding cell energy and skin balance thanks to its microbiome centric design. Interested ? Check our web or connect with us directly.

Incredible Lightness

ARKEMA Do you want surprising sensory experiences ? Healthy radiance ? Elegant simplicity ? All with a fresh, smooth and evanescent feel ? With Incredible Lightness, the delightfully surprising collection, Arkema is bringing you 3 new skin care textures demonstrating the magic of Orgasol® powders when it comes to challenging the boundaries of lightness.

The anti-pollution from green tea leaves

BERKEM : The anti-pollution from green tea leaves. Berkem reinforces the efficiency of its active, Berkemyol green tea, thanks to new studies. After 28 days of use, the oxygenating activity has been clinically shown, and in vitro, leads to a significant increase of the oxygenation rate of the skin. The skins is re-oxygenated, and is protected from a premature cutaneous aging. For more information.

Taking total protection into the blue

DSM - Taking total protection into the blue - High-energy blue light from the sun and, increasingly, from electronic devices is a major source of oxidative damage to the skin. DSM has developed an innovative concept to fight against blue light damage - indoors as well as outdoors.More information.

Sourcing natural and organic ingredients

Bidah & Chaumel is a Spanish company specialized in sourcing natural and organic ingredients, essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters, butters, waxes ... in accordance with the highest standards of purity and quality.

CALSIL range

Thanks to its CALSIL range, CALDIC offer different grades of modified or unmodified silicones in order to fulfill a specific role : to ensure waterproofness, to retain moisture, to adhere the color pigments (Calsil CV02), to protect the hair and to give them soft, silky skin care products (Calsil CB10), so as not to feel oily, greasy or sticky during application. They provide deodorants with a velvety texture that allows them to dry quickly and they keep our waterproof sunscreen (Calsil CV56) on our skin even if you sweat it or get it wet.

Bioactive phytosterols

FLAVEX offers CO2-extracts of amaranth, millet, evening primrose and sea buckthorn seeds, guggul resin and wheat bran. These extracts contain high concentrations of valuable bioactive phytosterols. Phytosterols play an important role in skin metabolism. For example, they stimulate collagen formation and improve the cells’ membrane stability, which makes them ideal anti-aging components.

ResistHyal and Revivyl

Givaudan Active Beauty has recently launched ResistHyal, a bio-active ingredient acting on keratin infrastructure. The second new active ingredient is called Revivyl, the very first holistic skin renewal accelerator supported by metagenomics analysis and stem cells research.

New anti-pollution active

GREENTECH, Pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH innovates with a new global anti-pollution active. Powerful concentrate of lignans , URBALYS® protects against biological attacks from urban pollution in all forms by activating the skin’s own lines of defence and cell detoxification. URBALYS® restores balance and radiance, a smooth texture and a glowing complexion. To find out more :

Siligel™ winner of the Bronze award

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Siligel™ : The foolproof gelling agent with amazing silicone-like skin feel ! Siligel™ winner of the Bronze award, in-cosmetics Global. Click here to see the formulation video.


JRS - VIVAPUR® CS 4 FM Smoothing agent and wrinkle-filler, this natural powder gives softness and matifying effect. This is the ideal alternative to synthetic powders in face care, anti-ageing, sunscreens and make-up…. It reduces visible wrinkles by 11% after 15 minutes application of a eye-serum at 2% concentration.

Bronze at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award

LUBRIZOL, At the recent in-cosmetics® Global show that took place on April 4th – 6th in London, Lubrizol’s REPROAGE™ peptide and AVALURE™FLEX-6 polymer were honored with Bronze at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award and Make up Bar Award respectively.

The Eutectys™ technology

NATUREX - For the first time ever, Naturex is expanding the Eutectys™ technology to haircare, with brand new actives : Horsetail for its impressive anti-frizz and radiance activities and Saffron flower which increases hair manageability and suppleness.


Schill+Seilacher : With our new PERLASTAN Rheo2Green1, based on Glutamate technology, we presented a ready-to-go solution for thickening easily rinse-off products : Just add your desired ingredients to the product, adjust the pH with organic acids – and you will experience the remarkable increase of viscosity starting immediately. This enables the development of mild and “green” cleansing products with outstanding skin feeling and excellent rheological properties.

Paracera N

PARAMELT introduces their Paracera N line of high performance narrow distribution waxes. A broad range of customizable options give you enhanced control over the rheology, crystallization, gelation and stability of your personal care products.

Beauty Care Pinterest account

SEPPIC is now launching a dedicated Beauty Care Pinterest account. Discover our inspiring boards.

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