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Now available in Coptis Lab: The Inventory management module features include:

  • Stock in, Stock out, Stock transfer
    . Organize stocks and avoid out of stock with full traceability
    . Receive alerts on expiration date and safety stock
    . Automatically update stock while weighing formulas
  • Manage stock activities with users’ authorization rights
  • Weighing module
    . Check lots availability prior to raw materials weighing
    . Easy selection of preferred Lot
    . Deduction of weighed quantity from inventory
  • Laboratory or Production mode

ISO 16128: one of the latest features available

The ISO 16128 standard is one of the latest features now available in Coptis Lab.

This new feature enables Coptis Lab’s users to formulate their products in compliance with the ISO 16128 standard : set by percentage the content of raw materials : organic, organic origin, natural and natural origin.

With one click, the natural or organic content of the final formula is calculated.