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The following companies have selected Coptis Lab:


Leveraging our broad portfolio and deeply rooted application knowledge, combined with 100 years expertise in the food industry, Cargill’s Innovation Centers have developed innovative and easy-to-apply concepts across different personal care segments based on trustworthy ingredients, know-how and responsible manufacturing processes.


Founded in 1992, HCT Group began as a small London based company that is now the global leader in cutting edge innovation, design and beauty manufacturing. Specializing in custom plastic, metal and paper board packaging HCT Group has expanded their offering to include a comprehensive range of beauty formulations, brushes, airless and metal components, POS displays and pristine designs. As a full service turnkey company HCT Group accurately manages the course of development from concept to creation in collaboration with major mass, prestige and specialty companies from around the world.

Le Petit Olivier

La Phocéenne de Cosmétique, created in 1996, is the result of a true spirit of adventure. Our aim was to stand out in an extremely competitive market. When we created Le Petit Olivier, our unique brand, we wanted it to be independent, moving away from making strategic decisions based on making a profit at all costs. We are keen to ensure the way we make our products adheres to four commitments : respecting women themselves, selecting quality raw materials, respecting the environment and respecting each and every person who is involved in this venture.


Dating back to 1860, Plum is a Danish company. For more than 50 years, we have been providing efficient and user-friendly hand hygiene solutions to corporate clients. Working closely with dermatologists, safety organisations and advisory experts we have throughout the years been developing products, striking a fine balance between the skin’s needs for mild raw materials and efficacy considerations.