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ACE Trade company Ltd. was founded on 1st May 1998 as an importer and distributor of raw materials for the cosmetic, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. During its existence it has created a stable position on the Czech and Slovak market and presently is ranking among the prime companies in this field. ACE Trade company represents exclusively 25 great foreign producers of raw materials from various branches of industry for both the Czech and Slovak Republic.

In 2004 we were certificated by ISO (in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2009) for distribution of chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food raw materials.

Type de société : Fournisseur
Année de création : 1998

ACE Trade spol. s r.o.
T.G.Masaryka 897
562 01 Usti nad Orlici
Tchèque, République

Tel : (+420) 465 557 139
Fax : (+420) 465 557 624