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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (October 2020 version):

AGRANA SALES AND MARKETING is an internationally-oriented Austrian industrial company. We add value to agricultural commodities to create industrial products for downstream industries.

AMERICAN DISTILLING, the industry leader, supplying the Health and Beauty Care and Pharmaceutical industries with the highest quality, sustainable Distilled Witch Hazel ingredient.

ASAHI KASEI FINECHEM, a Japonese company in fine chemical business which provides Pellicer™, a multifunctional Gemini type moisturizing emulsifier.

BITOP AG, is an expert in the biotech : Production of 100% natural stress-protection molecules, so called extremolytes.

EYRAUD, abrasives manufacturer specialized in pumice for exfoliation, abrasion and microdermabrasion. Pumice in its very fine distribution can be used as Rheological additive, softness and touch enhancement and mattifying agent.

GOO Chemical develops and supplies specialty chemicals, and through their application has contributed to further advancement of industrial society and civic life.

INFINIUM PHARMACHEM an Indian company well focused on iodine chemistry.

KOKURA SYNTHETIC INDUSTRIES a Japonese company specialized in the production of various daily commodities made from oil and fat synthon.

MULTICHEM R&D, is committed to the research and development of advanced products and technologies for the field of green chemistry, in skin care industry.

VERDAN is the Manufacturer of Kalunite™ Potassum Alum for the cosmetic industry.

News from Premium members

PuraBeet from AGRANA: 100 % natural

PuraBeet is 100 % natural, sustainable, plant-based, high-quality betaine from sugar beet. It is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient and an essential quality upgrade for basic personal care products. It effectively supports the water balance at cellular level.


Benefit from the smart combination of different natural starch functionalities to achieve perfect complement - get volume, improved curl hold and conditioning benefits with COSMOS approved ingredients.

Amilook COSMOS certified

Alban Muller : Eye Contour Complex of three plant extracts selected for their traditional and complementary activities in organic glycerin : Ginkgo, Organic horse chestnut, Organic red vine. Effectiveness validated in a product on the market.


ALGAKTIV® BodySKN inspires sustainability pioneers by upcycling Haematococcus pluvialis waste. Powerful skin beauty, now redefined. Empower the consumer with high-performance sustainable skincare, learn more at"

The new: AttraKtive Collection by Arkema: Light and resistant cosmetics for those unexpected encounters!

Staying active without compromising with your own style requires the best cosmetic formulations : they need to be light but last even after intense workout sessions, to resist to sweat, water and change in temperatures and to protect your skin with high SPF level for outdoor activities. Learn how to formulate the most efficient Athleisure formulations with sensorial powders Orgasol®.
Visit to discover the new formulations.

100% natural stress-protection molecules

bitop AG is the global market leader in the production of extremolytes - 100% natural stress-protection molecules, made in Germany. These molecules enable the existence of life in the harshest habitats e.g. salt lakes or deserts. Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural are used as multifunctional & highly effective active ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products.

New Cosmetic Active from CLR: CutiBiome CLR™

CutiBiome CLR™ was shown to have strong benefits for oily and acne prone skin, as well as sensitive and dandruff scalp. New studies have shown, that, both on facial skin and the scalp, it effectively supports the skin microbiome in recovering a healthy composition.

New Name Same Expertise

Cosun Biobased Experts - We changed name, but with same expertise as before. With an origin of vegetable we make our ingredients suitable for Personal Care. QUATIN® a unique cationic biopolymer as liquid suitable for hair care and body wash available or Betafib® ETD a natural cellulose to stabilize your particles or emulsions.

Croda launches new data on hair straightener booster Kereffect SD

In addition to the fantastic hair straightening benefits data initially produced, Kereffect SD new data shows that it is also suitable for use in oxidative hair dye systems to improve the sensory attributes of hair, without impacting colour uptake or depth at a recommended use level of 3%. Kereffect SD can be incorporated into hair dye formula or it can be added in-situ to an existing dye formulation prior to application, both scenarios produces a stable formulation. This hydrolyzed keratin protein protects the hair, improves sensory attributes and manageability.


The multifunctional microbiome-friendly ingredient TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is the first made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol, 100% bio-sourced from non-GMO. It is suitable for all cosmetic applications and acts as a preservative booster, sensory enhancer, skin humectant, solvent & actives carrier.

Expanscience: #cleanupchallenge

[Conscience] On 9/24, Expanscience took part in the #cleanupchallenge in Paris, around the Eiffel tower. We focused on "mini-waste", harder to pick-up : cigarette butts, bottle caps, straws... Two tall bags were filled in less than two hours !

FLAVEX Naturextrakte: Presentation of a new active ingredient

The new balsamic scented CO2 extract from the leaf buds of black poplar can improve the effectiveness of products against oily skin and for skin cleansing. This high-quality extract is rich in valuable compounds such as flavonoids and phenolic acids. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have a soothing effect on the skin.

Givaudan Active Beauty new launched product: Neosalyl™

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Neosalyl™, the 100% natural substitute for synthetic salicylic acid. Obtained by Green Fractionation, it brings all its benefits in dermo-purification for skin, and shininess and anti-dandruff for hair care.
More information

GREENTECH: Make your skin mask-friendly

Protect oneself became a prime concern. Skin is not used to be mask-locked-down and reacts : redness, itching, dryness or maskne. Discover GREENTECH natural solutions to make your skin mask-friendly : EXPOZEN® (intensive discomfort relief & microbiota modulator), ACNILYS® (acne-prone oily skin & microbiota modulator), BIOTILYS® (skin repair & innate immunity booster).

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new launched product

Hydrosella™ is a new generation of natural hydration active ingredient ! Stimulating the production of organic osmolytes and acting on the root cause of skin dryness, Hydrosella™ reduces water loss up to 72 hours after application.

JRS introduces its new innovative natural exfoliant: VITACEL® CS 300 Soft

a new soft white granulate made from Cellulose disappearing after massage on the skin ! VITACEL CS 300 Soft covers a large area of parameters, which are not available on the market so far.

High-purified Lanoline for sensitive skin, Latossée propose Lanoline alcohol

Lanolines de la Tossee - On very dry skin the powerful moisturizing properties of the product involve a very efficacy in 2 hours (+19% vs placebo). The efficacy is highly maintain during 8 hours. This flash moisturizing property is completed by good skin rejuvenation properties (skin lipid restoration - the lanolin book 1999 chap8 217-235). Cholesterol high concentration of Alcools de Lanoline reduce deficiency of elderly skin.

NATUROCHIM is launching a new organic French oil

NAT ORGANIC PROVENCE OLIVE OIL : obtained by cold pressing the whole fruit of the organic olive tree (Olea europaea L.) cultivated in Provence (Southern France) according to “Provence olive oil” PDO regulations (Protected Designation of Origin), then deodorized.

USFDA approved dyes and lakes/pigments


Paramelt’s unique Paracera® N 101

In stick products, the high efficiency of Paracera N® 101, raises the melting point of the formulation at significantly lower dosage levels than conventional melting point boosters, without compromising on pay off and stick hardness.

Provital reveals new efficacies for Hydromanil™

Hydromanil™ widens its target scope by adding brand-new tested efficacies to its recognized 3D Matrix Technology : Besides providing an optimal level of moisture, it now also inhibits biofilm formation and maintains the natural bacterial balance on the skin surface, providing a combined effect to achieve an even healthier skin condition.

The Salixin fermented bioactive

The Salixin fermented bioactive "Salixin Organic extract 800NP" has been efficacy tested for personal care products - both In-Vitro and In-Vivo. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-age effect – great active for face-cosmetics, masks & serums

Pair2Phase series will be available in Mass Balance quality

Schill+Seilacher - These emulsifier blends of Potassium Cetyl Phosphate and wax components give robustness to O/W emulsions due to the formation of liquid crystal like structure. They are suitable for COSMOS and NATRUE certified products.

EMOGREEN ™ L15 and L19 are now Mass Balance certified

In the context of its sustainable palm strategy, Seppic is pleased to announce that our bio-sourced and biodegradable emollients EMOGREEN ™ L15 and L19 are now Mass Balance certified and contribute to the production of certified sustainable palm oil (follow our progress on RSPO. org / BVC-RSPO-1-1972708497).

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients won THREE 1st prizes at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020!

Symrise is proud to have won the 3rd prize at the BSB “Environment” Innovation Awards 2020 with its Cranberry 360° – holistic approach of premium upcycled botanicals :
-  Neo Actipone® Cranberry CA : a powder from pomace providing soothing & antioxidant properties
-  Cranberry Oil CC : a cold-pressed oil extracted from dried seeds delivering well aging & antioxidant properties
-  Actipone® Alpha Cranberry CA : a residual water offering cell renewal enhancement properties
Lear more

SpecKare@CB new product from SPEC-CHEM

SpecKare@CB (Cetrimonium Bromide) which has following function :

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Very strong sterilization
  • Hair conditioning agent
  • Stability at high temperature
  • Wide range of pH usage

SPECTRUMS EUROPE is specialized in phytocannabinoids CBD CBG CBC ..

Our BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT and our ISOLATES are GMP and COSMOS certified, are innovative active ingredients.
The Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of hemp oil, it is a powerful natural chemical compound offering many beauty benefits. We invite you to discover our new website and our new products.

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