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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (May 2019 version):

EG ACTIVE COSMETICS, a Spanish group of companies, specialized in the dermocosmetic and fragrance markets.

KOEL Colours, a manufacturer of innovative pigments & ingredients for cosmetics & personal care industries.

Lanolines STELLA offers a 40-year expertise in woolgrease processing and Lanolin refining.

MILLENIUM Invest produces different ORYAKU brand cosmetic products from the mud obtained from the Hiiumaa Gulf of Käina in Estonia.

News from Premium members

Cosme-Phytamis® organic

ALBAN MULLER presents Cosme-Phytamis®- organic : The new generation of organic-certifiable active ingredients. Cosme-Phytamis® organic are extracts from organic plants for use in manufacturing cosmetic products. The concentration of active molecules is ensured by standardizing these natural cosmetic active ingredients and stabilizing them in plant-based glycerin (choice of organic or conventional glycerin is available).

Smartphone activated skincare?

There is now increasing concern about how blue light could be damaging our skin... but what if we could use it to protect and repair our skin from photo and digital aging ? ALGAKTIV® GenoFix Day combats both indoor and outdoor aging thanks to its blue microalgae enzymes, which are activated by light – even with your smartphone ! Email us at to discover the latest green, sustainable and high-performance cosmetic actives with an exclusive and captivating storytelling.

Different grades of modified or unmodified silicones

Thanks to its CALSIL range, CALDIC offer different grades of modified or unmodified silicones in order to fulfill a specific role  : to ensure waterproofness, to retain moisture, to adhere the color pigments (Calsil CV02), to protect the hair and to give them soft, silky skin care products (Calsil CB10), so as not to feel oily, greasy or sticky during application. They provide deodorants with a velvety texture that allows them to dry quickly and they keep our waterproof sunscreen (Calsil CV56) on our skin even if you sweat it or get it wet.

MaizeCare™ Style Polymer: styling benefits in haircare

DOW : MaizeCare™ Style Polymer is a bio-based ingredient, derived from corn, that provides styling benefits in haircare applications. In formulation, it acts as a film-former and styling aid ranging from superior stiffness to soft-touch styling. Learn more.

BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional

ASHLAND : Pollution can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp causing damage, dryness, and scalp sensitivity. Procataline™ G2 is a natural, botanical extract designed to help detox hair and purify scalp against everyday air pollutants. This next generation BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional is the ideal solution to shelter the hair and scalp from the detrimental effects of urban stress.

Discover their new range, from French flowers

BERKEM and all its team will be on the in-cosmetics global show in paris, on booth S80. Come and discover their new range, from French flowers !

Discover the Moonshine range of borosilicate base effect pigments

CRODA : The Moonshine Astral offer the thinnest substrate thickness currently available on the market. Exceptionally smooth, they offer excellent coverage and suspension properties. The Moonshine Series & Ultra Series offer an array of effects and colors, including metallic effect. The Moonshine Color Travel complete the range with exceptional multi-shifting colors combinations.

An innovative hyperbranched polymer

DSM Personal Care : TILAMAR® BOOST 150, a unique and innovative hyperbranched polymer with invisible action for visible volume with an extra touch of care ! Its proven mechanism of action is reflected in a lamellar structure that transforms to a hexagonal structure on the hair, while drying, to create volume.

Sun’Alg® - Bue Light new studies

GELYMA has recently completed its news studies regarding Sun’Alg®. It was previously targeted as a natural ingredient for suncare products thanks to its UVA, UVB protection, its sun burn cells prevention and its southing properties. Sun’Alg® is, from now, also interesting to fight blue lightinduced damages. Our new efficacy tests are innovant (immunolabelling of the oxidized proteins and of the elastin) and made under realist conditions (controlled and repetitive exposures). These new studies, in addition of the one already done, make Sun’Alg® a complete and effective ingredient to fight against damaging effects of light (UVA, UVB and Blue Light)


NeoPlanta® Withania. Since more than 3000 years Withania somnifera is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The healing properties of its roots help to strengthen the immune system, calm mental stress and support skin vitality. With our optimized in vitro cultivation of NeoPlanta® Withania we add even more benefits to the gift of nature : Controlled growth conditions without pesticides, herbicides and social exploitation. Additionally, our urban skin balancing serum is vegan and free from gluten and preservatives. Find out more on our website.

FLAVEX Naturextrakte at Natexpo

We will present a wide range of our organic certified CO2 extracts at Natexpo, 20 - 22 October, Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte. Many extracts are certified according to Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, so they are 100% organic, not only proportionately. A selection of our CO2 extracts is COSMOS certified, most of them with 100 % organic content. For more information visit our homepage

Two new actives, Agefinity™and Sensityl™

GIVAUDAN Active Beauty unveils two actives, Agefinity™, a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient enhancing the Y-zone and Sensityl™ a sustainable concentrate of marine biotechnology for cosmetics that also uplifts consumers’ mood.

GREENTECH: New results for HEBELYS®

Long life in good physical and mental health is everyone’s wish in all ages, linked to the concept of « positive aging ». Based on a psychobiological approach, innovative in cosmetics, HEBELYS® restructures and sublimates the skin, by positively influencing one’s self-esteem. Acting on the targets of senescence, it strengthens the cutaneous architecture and preserves the beauty after 60 years. The already presented in vitro results were reinforced by an in vivo study on 24 subjects aged from 60 to 70 years. The skin is softer, smoother and wrinkles are less deep.

Experiencing the power of flowers

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : A garden of beautiful active ingredient has bloomed at IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. From an exquisite Damask rose extract (Rosality™) that provides a glowing and rested look by fighting stress agents to a unique Kangaroo Paw flower extract (SKINectura™) that visibly reduces appearances of wrinkles and improves skin firmness within an hour, IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new ingredients are all about experiencing the power of flowers !


Plastic derivatives are increasingly criticized. JRS offers natural and biodegradable alternatives that bring softness to your formula. This new VIVAPUR CS 8 GREEN TEA is a fun color vibrating touch powder from Matcha tea ...It is Cosmos approved.

ALGAENIA®, a cocoon protection for sensitive skins

Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE : Originally found in Patagonian lakes where extreme conditions prevail, Chlamydomonas acidophila microalgae bio-inspires Laboratoires Expanscience for the development of their new active ingredient : Algaenia®. It acts as a cocoon and relieves sensitive skin by modulating inflammation and protecting it against sensitization.

Lanolin alcohols

High-purified Lanoline for sensitive skin, Latossée proposes Lanolin alcohols. On very dry skin the powerful moisturizing properties of the product involve a very efficacy in 2 hours (+19% vs placebo). The efficacy is highly maintain during 8 hours. This flash moisturizing property is completed by good skin rejuvenation properties (skin lipid restoration - the lanolin book 1999 chap8 217-235). High content of Cholesterol in Lanolin alchils reduce deficiency of elderly skin .

Cellular alarm clock

LIPOTEC- Lipotec™ Active Ingredients’ DAWNERGY™ peptide activates the cellular alarm clock to help the skin wake up earlier, visibly improving the skin complexion through its revitalizing and anti-aging activities.

The benefits of oats

NATUROCHIM NAT OAT BUTTER has joined NATUROCHIM’s unique butters. Made from Oat Oil, it brings its benefits to damaged skin. It also shows a conditioning and nourishing effect on hair, making it lighter and easier to comb.

PolymerExpert offers EMC30

POLYMEREXPERT A ready to use oil gelling agent. PolymerExpert offers EMC30. This 97% natural solution can easily be implemented at 80°C and allows oily gels with an equal quality as gel with EstoGel M : bringing transparency, suspensivity, viscosity and thixotropy. EMC30 is visible on our booth and in the Innovation Zone during In Cosmetics. Come and meet us booth N32.

Rheo2Green: COSMOS and NATRUE certified

Schill+Seilacher - Rheo2Green concentrates are based on lauryl glucoside and disodium cocoyl glutamate. Remarkable viscosity of end formulations can be achieved through proper pH selection without polymer thickeners. Rheo2Green products are cold processable, COSMOS and Natrue certified and available in MB quality.

PARAMELT introduce their Paracera™ N line

In stick products, the high efficiency of Paracera N, raises the melting point of the formulation at significantly lower dosage levels than conventional melting point boosters, without compromising on pay off and stick hardness.

introduces their Paracera N line of high performance narrow distribution waxes. A broad range of customizable options give you enhanced control over the rheology, crystallization, gelation and stability of your personal care products

SEPPIC won the prestigious Lester Conrad 1st and 2nd Best Paper award

Seppic cosmetic innovation and toxicology teams won the prestigious Lester Conrad 1st and 2nd Best Paper awardat the 51st annual ASCC conference in Fremantle on May, 9th. The first awarded paper showcased a novel technology to characterize the morphology of cosmetic sprays, The second disclosed two innovative 3D in vitro models to assess the ingredients’ tolerance for specific applications

SpecKareC8G An effective anti-acne and moisturizing agent

Spec-Chem industrylaunches a multifunctional lipid amino acid by composing of caprylic acid and glycine. Regulate alkaline-acidity, balance skin environment, prevent excessive keratinization and inhibit harmful microbial. Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, acnecare and improve seborrheic dermatitis symptoms were proved by vivo and vitro tests.INCI : Capryloylglycine

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