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We welcome new Coptis Ingredients' members (January version):

LIPOTRUE science & technologies is a company which brings highly innovative active ingredients into the cosmetic market. It is a project with a solid scientific team, with an average cosmetic experience of more than 10 years LipoTrue acts as a central R&D engine integrating cutting edge technology platforms in order to provide novel active ingredients with proven and solid efficacies

SUCDEN Sucres & Denrées was founded by Maurice Varsano in 1952. Launched in August 2007, our activity on ethanol has developed on 4 continents and actually we are operative on a worldwide scale. Globally we deal with all types of ethanol from fuel grade to potable & industrial alcohol and with alcohol used in pharmaceutical & perfume industries, according to our customers’ specifications.

News from Premium members

Amipearl: Powerful anti-aging active

ALBAN MULLER - Amipearl : Powerful anti-aging active - Amipearl strengthens the skin barrier and restores epidermal cells renewal. This 100% natural extract of hydrolyzed protein from Tahitian black pearl is perfect in skin care products to preserve skin youth and radiance.

Welcome to the age of skin neuroscience!

ALGAKTIV® BioSKN is coming soon to your COPTIS Lab ! Imagine growth factor performance with skin prebiotic balance... Interested in learning more ? Join us at inCosmetics London in April (Greenaltech stand NN79).

Aceto – Inter Actifs: new distributor for USA - CANADA

AROMTECH distribution : The distribution of Aromtech’s ArctiCare® range in USA and Canada has been granted to Aceto – Inter Actifs. The range includes CO2 extracted Berry oils, berry seed oils and plant extracts, as well as Arctic water-glycerin extracts. Inter Actifs is a long time partner in French market and now starts to promote, sell and distribute also in North America.

Axalta Gotalene® RS 411 Colorless 23 and 26

AXALTA POLYMER POWDERS : Axalta Gotalene® RS 411 Colorless 23 and 26, 100% Bio Based exfoliating micropowders have received COSMOS Approval. More information on the effective and sustainable alternative to PE Microbeads on

DSM is prepared for the future

DSM - By 2050, 70% of us will be living in cities, but what does this mean for our skin ? DSM is prepared for the future – find out more about its 5 Actives 5 Actions anti-pollution action plan featuring five most effective skin actives for skin protection“. More info here www.dsm. -Five Actives – Five Actions-com

Dow has the solutions

The Dow Chemical Company - From sensory enhancers to formulation facilitators and product preservation, Dow has the solutions that can be the point of differentiation for your products. Learn more about how Dow, now with an expanded portfolio from the Dow Corning Corporation, can help you create trend-driven, fantastic formulations that will allow your customers to look good and feel good while enjoying the multifunctional benefits of your products.

CO2-extract with anti-aging properties

FLAVEX offers a broad range of CO2-extracts with anti-aging properties such as organic pomegranate seed oil with high punicic acid and phytosterol content. It improves the elasticity, strength and firmness of skin and protects it against moisture loss.

2 new ranges for the new year

INOLEX Provence – IES LABO presents two new ranges for the new year :
• Preservative free hydroglycerinated extracts
• Vegetable or herbal oils with LexFeel® Natural, a natural silicon alternative, bringing soft and dried touch.
These products are both COSMOS approved.

New anti-pollution active

GREENTECH, pioneer in plant biotechnology, will launch an active for in-cosmetics that counteracts the biological damages caused by pollution : it activates the global mechanisms of defense and endogenous detoxification of skin.

Miniporyl™ reduces the appearance of pores

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Miniporyl™, reduces the appearance of pores & refines skin texture in 15 days, primer-like high definition result !


JRS - VIVAPUR® CS TEX Sun : Brand new version in the 100% natural rheology modifiers of JRS Group (COSMOS certified), this grade dedicated to sunscreens offers optimal sprayability (thixotropic behavior), easy preparation and excellent stability of filters and actives in the formula. The soft touch it leaves on the skin transforms the application of the sun lotion in a very pleasant moment. Its multiple properties make it an ideal alternative to synthetic ingredients : incorporated at 2%, VIVAPUR® CS TEX Sun brings Naturality and Technic to sun care !

A new clinical testing laboratory

LIPOTEC opens a new clinical testing laboratory with the aim to define the best design for the studies performed on their ingredients, to gain flexibility and to speed the testing process, accelerating the time of launching new products to the market.

The Eutectys™ technology

NATUREX - For the first time ever, Naturex is expanding the Eutectys™ technology to haircare, with brand new actives : Horsetail for its impressive anti-frizz and radiance activities and Saffron flower which increases hair manageability and suppleness.

SERDEX has joined SEPPIC

SEPPIC : SERDEX, a specialist of botanical active ingredients for skin treatment since 1978, has joined SEPPIC on January 1st, 2017.

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