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Benvenuti ai nuovi membri di Coptis Ingredients :

GOBIOTICS is a company dedicated to the development of innovative and natural based raw materials for the personal care market. All our raw materials have been designed to offer a unique solution to particular challenges in the Personal Care.

NANOVETORES Tecnologia is a worldwide known Brazilian company for the development of nano and micro encapsulation systems with natural actives. Their exclusive and patented technology in encapsulation of natural actives inserts your products in the concept of Green Chemistry, with natural, rigid, biodegradable and biocompatible particles for multifunctional and innovative applications.

POLYMEREXPERT is specialized in the development of smart responsive materials. These innovative materials include self repairing materials, shape memory polymers, photochromic polymers, thermo-responsive hydrogels and oil thickening polymers.

News from Premium members

Microalgae bloom in New York City

ALGAKTIV will be present at in-cosmetics North America to introduce brands to the latest COSMOS-certified natural microalgae ingredients. Stop by booth E55 to discover the latest green and high-performance cosmetic actives with a unique and captivating storytelling !!

CALSIL range

CALDIC France - The silicone market is experiencing a crisis at the end of the year. In order to be able to formulate your Hair Care, Skin Care and Make-Up products containing silicones, Caldic France offers you its Calsil range. Particularly volatiles silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane Calsil CV50, always available in different packs, samples, documentation and prices on request.

1st place formulation award for Dow Luminous Facial Serum

DOW - Dow Luminous Facial Serum formulated with newly-released DOWSIL™ EP‐9610 Cosmetic Powder received in‐cosmetics Korea’s 1st place formulation award for its sensory aesthetics, product performance, uniqueness, and benefits to end‐consumers & formulators.

Discover their new range, from French flowers

BERKEM BERKEM and all its team will be on the in-cosmetics global show in paris, on booth S80. Come and discover their new range, from French flowers !


DSM Personal Care Pollution and hectic urban lifestyle can affect negatively the appearance and sensation of our skin. ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO was developed to provide a more comfortable looking skin, targeting multiple steps in the skin inflammation process.

A new bio-based film former Baycusan® eco E 1000

COVESTRO : Bio-based & high performing film former for hair styling - Covestro introduces its new bio-based film former Baycusan® eco E 1000 for hair care. It enables sustainable and innovative formulations without compromising on styling performances or feel. For more information contact us at

Sun’Alg® - Bue Light new studies

GELYMA has recently completed its news studies regarding Sun’Alg®. It was previously targeted as a natural ingredient for suncare products thanks to its UVA, UVB protection, its sun burn cells prevention and its southing properties. Sun’Alg® is, from now, also interesting to fight blue lightinduced damages. Our new efficacy tests are innovant (immunolabelling of the oxidized proteins and of the elastin) and made under realist conditions (controlled and repetitive exposures). These new studies, in addition of the one already done, make Sun’Alg® a complete and effective ingredient to fight against damaging effects of light (UVA, UVB and Blue Light)

The gold medal award for Best Functional Ingredient goes to RHEANCE® One

EVONIK - At this year’s SEPAWA Congress in Berlin, Evonik has presented a product range extended to include natural-based products, aimed at customers in the cosmetics industry as well as manufacturers of detergents and cleaning agents. Evonik continues to strongly align its own research and development work for cosmetic raw materials with these trends. In the area of active ingredients for cosmetics, Hairflux® and TEGO® enlight are among the latest product innovations.

Fragrance on the move

GIVAUDAN Active Beauty introduces “Fragrance on the move” a new sensory experience elating the senses. Fusing fine fragrances and cosmetics, it enables consumers to rethink their daily beauty routine.

A new target for adipose tissue control

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : Morpholyss™ is a unique longan seed extract active ingredient offering a new target for adipose tissue control. Clinically tested, it reduces thigh and waistline circumference rapidly and effectively.

JRS beads become COSMOS certified

JRS - JRS beads become COSMOS certified  : For scrub, massage or esthetic, JRS spheres bring natural color to your formula : green, yellow, blue or black !
Depending on your needs for the face or the body, JRS advises the best size…

Skinhairgium® Bio Peruvian eco-sourcing

Laboratoires Expansciencepresents Skinhairgium® Bio : hair growth booster, anti-hair loss & fortifying. Its peruvian eco-sourcing illustrates our environmental, social & ethical approach, rewarded with Ecovadis GOLD level certification.

The first highly efficient and versatile oil-soluble rheology modifier

LUBRIZOL, Oilkemia™ 5S Polymer is Lubrizol’s first highly efficient and versatile oil-soluble rheology modifier for oil systems offering 5 key benefits : superior viscosity, superb clarity, suspension in oils, sensory enhancement, stability in emulsion

the benefits of oats

NATUROCHIM is interested in the benefits of oats and their avenanthramides with their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching properties. They therefore launch a new oil : NAT DEODORIZED OAT “OIL”.

COSMOS and NATRUE confirmed emulsifiers

Schill+Seilacher - New COSMOS and NATRUE confirmed emulsifiers from Schill+Seilacher GmbH - Pair2Phase are anionic emulsifier blends, based on potassium cetyl phosphate. They are very effective for cosmetic preparations such as creams and lotions, especially for water resistant sun care products with soothing skin feel without stickiness.

Paracera N line: customizable options

PARAMELT introduces their Paracera N line of high performance narrow distribution waxes. A broad range of customizable options give you enhanced control over the rheology, crystallization, gelation and stability of your personal care products

The latest launch of wesource

SEPPIC : ASPAR’AGE™ is the latest launch of wesource, our dedicated brand for cosmetics active ingredients. Made from the red seaweed Asparagopsis armata, it reduces contagious ageing. Discover it throughour inspiring formulas !

SpecKare EyeS100 an excellent solution for puffy eyes

Spec-Chem industry SpecKare EyeS100 solves eye bag problems. Spec-Chem Industry Inc. Efficacy Test Center recently applied HPLC method to evaluate function of SpecKare EyeS100 as ACE-Inhibitors. The test proved that SpecKare EyeS100 works effectively as an ACE inhibitor. SpecKare EyeS100, as an effective ACE inhibitor, helps effectively reduce contraction of capillary walls. As for eye care (in vitro), it reduces eye edema — an excellent solution for puffy eyes.

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