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BINJIN unveils the traditional Japanese beauty culture by selecting ingredients used for centuries as well as quality products, innovative, from the Japanese ancestral crafts.

The goal of GREEN LINE BOTANICALS is to provide superior quality extracts that are cost effective and customizable in a variety of bases. Rapid sample turn-around and responsive technical service - that is the GREEN LINE BOTANICALS approach.

KAHLWAX one of the leading specialists in natural waxes, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, and many others.

KUNCAI MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY the leading producer of effect pigments in Asia, based in Fuqing/China, southern Fujian province.

News from Premium members


ALGAKTIV Can you imagine using blue light to protect and repair your skin from photo and digital aging ? ALGAKTIV® GenoFix Day combats both indoor and outdoor aging thanks to its blue microalgae enzymes which are activated by light – even with your smartphone ! Join us to get inspired with our upcoming launch at In-cosmetics Paris - Stand M110 - Tech Seminar, Wed @ 9:40 AM (Theater 2)

Discover their new range, from French flowers

BERKEM and all its team will be on the in-cosmetics global show in paris, on booth S80. Come and discover their new range, from French flowers !


DSM Personal Care Pollution and hectic urban lifestyle can affect negatively the appearance and sensation of our skin. ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO was developed to provide a more comfortable looking skin, targeting multiple steps in the skin inflammation process.

Sun’Alg® - Bue Light new studies

GELYMA has recently completed its news studies regarding Sun’Alg®. It was previously targeted as a natural ingredient for suncare products thanks to its UVA, UVB protection, its sun burn cells prevention and its southing properties. Sun’Alg® is, from now, also interesting to fight blue lightinduced damages. Our new efficacy tests are innovant (immunolabelling of the oxidized proteins and of the elastin) and made under realist conditions (controlled and repetitive exposures). These new studies, in addition of the one already done, make Sun’Alg® a complete and effective ingredient to fight against damaging effects of light (UVA, UVB and Blue Light)


NeoPlanta® Withania. Since more than 3000 years Withania somnifera is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The healing properties of its roots help to strengthen the immune system, calm mental stress and support skin vitality. With our optimized in vitro cultivation of NeoPlanta® Withania we add even more benefits to the gift of nature : Controlled growth conditions without pesticides, herbicides and social exploitation. Additionally, our urban skin balancing serum is vegan and free from gluten and preservatives. NeoPlanta® Withania is the first product from Evonik Advanced Botanicals. Find out more on our website.

COSMOS certificate for selected EU organic certified CO2 extracts

FLAVEX Naturextrakte offers COSMOS certificate for selected EU organic certified CO2 extracts. Most listed extracts are already certified according to Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, so they are 100% organic, not only proportionately ! Also some of our conventional extracts can be certified COSMOS. Gromwell Root CO2 extract has recently started to be certified COSMOS with 60% organic content !

GREENTECH: New results for HEBELYS®

Long life in good physical and mental health is everyone’s wish in all ages, linked to the concept of « positive aging ». Based on a psychobiological approach, innovative in cosmetics, HEBELYS® restructures and sublimates the skin, by positively influencing one’s self-esteem. Acting on the targets of senescence, it strengthens the cutaneous architecture and preserves the beauty after 60 years. The already presented in vitro results were reinforced by an in vivo study on 24 subjects aged from 60 to 70 years. The skin is softer, smoother and wrinkles are less deep.

Experiencing the power of flowers

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : A garden of beautiful active ingredient has bloomed at IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. From an exquisite Damask rose extract (Rosality™) that provides a glowing and rested look by fighting stress agents to a unique Kangaroo Paw flower extract (SKINectura™) that visibly reduces appearances of wrinkles and improves skin firmness within an hour, IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new ingredients are all about experiencing the power of flowers !

JRS natural alternatives to synthetic powders

VIVAPUR CS sensory 5 & VIVAPUR CS sensory 15 S : Natural, biodegradable providing a sensory and a soft focus effect, the extra fine powders of JRS appropriate the make-up. New prototype formula are available and also the SFF results. Please join the presentation made by JRS on the “sustainable corner” at the In-Cosmetics exhibition on the 4th of april at 2 pm.

Skinhairgium® Bio Peruvian eco-sourcing

Laboratoires Expanscience presents Skinhairgium® Bio : hair growth booster, anti-hair loss & fortifying. Its peruvian eco-sourcing illustrates our environmental, social & ethical approach, rewarded with Ecovadis GOLD level certification.

The benefits of oats

NATUROCHIM is interested in the benefits of oats and their avenanthramides with their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching properties. They therefore launch a new oil : NAT DEODORIZED OAT “OIL”.

PolymerExpert offers EMC30

POLYMEREXPERT A ready to use oil gelling agent. PolymerExpert offers EMC30. This 97% natural solution can easily be implemented at 80°C and allows oily gels with an equal quality as gel with EstoGel M : bringing transparency, suspensivity, viscosity and thixotropy. EMC30 is visible on our booth and in the Innovation Zone during In Cosmetics. Come and meet us booth N32.

COSMOS and NATRUE confirmed emulsifiers

Schill+Seilacher - New COSMOS and NATRUE confirmed emulsifiers from Schill+Seilacher GmbH - Pair2Phase are anionic emulsifier blends, based on potassium cetyl phosphate. They are very effective for cosmetic preparations such as creams and lotions, especially for water resistant sun care products with soothing skin feel without stickiness.

SEPPIC: The latest launch of wesource

ASPAR’AGE™ is the latest launch of wesource, our dedicated brand for cosmetics active ingredients. Made from the red seaweed Asparagopsis armata, it reduces contagious ageing. Discover it through our inspiring formulas !

SpedPed® 3AK is an effective solution for anti-aging needs

Spec-Chem industry Spec-Chem set up in the 1990s, has been engaging in R&D of high-end raw materials in the field of cosmetics and personal care. Our products have been registered REACH, Ecocert and Cosmos, plants in line with GMP, SA8000, ISO9001:2008, and 14000 standards. Our new launched SpedPed® 3AK is an effective solution for anti-aging needs. SpedPed® 3AK contains 2 popular active peptides, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. Clinical tests show outstanding anti-aging effect, reducing wrinkle area by 15.79% after 14 days, suits a variety of formulations.

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