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HALOTEK produces and markets natural specialties for personal care solutions based on its proprietary bioprocess technology of one of the oldest life forms on earth, called Haloarchaea. Formulators and Ingredient-Manufacturers work with Halotek if they are in need for biotechnological produced ingredients which are scientifically proven and multifunctional to address their costumer needs for formulations with substantiated claims and natural components.

IN2BIO Established in South Korea in 2010, IN2BIO has provided the best solutions to various customers, including technical sales and their own affiliated laboratory-institute. IN2BIO has grown into a key role for Korean cosmetics market through out high challenges and continuous development system of sales. Their professional cooperation with the lab - institute, allow them to provide specialized total solutions with very high quality.

La TOURANGELLE an experienced producer of high-quality vegetable oils. All the La Tourangelle oils are produced in its facility located in Woodland, California or by the Loire Valley in France. Its roots and “savoir-faire” originate from a French heritage in Saumur, France where they are still keeping the tradition alive through their original mill that is still in use today.

SILTECH corporation was created in 1990 and has remained a medium-size family-run company with manufacturing facilities situated outside Toronto, Canada. Their state-of-the-art plants combined with strong R&D allow their company to develop and manufacture innovative speciality silicones for use in personal care while being flexible in many aspects. Their diverse portfolio comprises of wetting agents, emulsifiers, elastomers, or resins that are already used across all Beauty care segments : colour cosmetics, skin / sun care, hair care or toiletries.

News from Premium members

Glucohyami – Hyaluronic acid booster // Tinctamis® NSH – Natural Tinctorial Plant Extracts

ALBAN MULLER - Glucohyami – Hyaluronic acid booster : As an innovative anti-aging active, Glucohyami is an extract from chicory root naturally self-enriched in glucosamine. It offers a vegetable alternative to conventional glucosamine which biologically increases hyaluronic acid synthesis. Tinctamis® NSH – Natural Tinctorial Plant Extracts for skincare products : Developed in collaboration with Couleurs de Plante, Tinctamis® NSH are innovative tinctorial plants extracts with a double action. They provide a subtle natural color as well as cosmetic activities to skin care products.

Microalgae to face urban pollution

ALGAKTIV - ALGAKTIV UrbanSKN – Microalgae to face urban pollution : Our lifestyles regularly expose us to complex mixtures of urban air pollutants. The versatile technology of this oil soluble active strengthens our skin barrier thanks to the defense and repair mechanisms of microalgae. Shield your skin from urban dust damage and feel protected with ALGAKTIV UrbanSKN. Do not hesitate in contacting us at or simply reach out to your local ALGAKTIV distributor to learn more !

CALSIL range

CALDIC France offers you all its range of Calsil silicones for your beauty products (volumes always available). Each Calsil have a specific role to protect the hair and give them softness, make your skincare feel nothing of the oily sensation, neither oily nor sticky during application. They provide the deodorants with a velvety texture and allow them to dry quickly, they maintain on your skin water-resistant sunscreens. Then contact Caldic France to order your Calsil !

New ORGASOL® Website

ARKEMA - New ORGASOL® Website & introduction of 3 minimalist formulas ! Our new ORGASOL® sensorial powders Website is on line : ! Come and discover our Beauty Box 2018 with 3 minimalist but addictive formulas showcasing ORGASOL® with less than 10 ingredients.

AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient & SOLTEX™ INO Polymer

DOW - Dow launches new products AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient, a novel facial care technology for age well solutions & SOLTEX™ INO Polymer, an additive that boosts the SPF performance of sun care products by improving dispersion of inorganic particles

'The True Hydration Artist'

DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients is delighted to present you our new cutting-edge substantiation studies and claims on PENTAVITIN®, a 100% natural skin care active, and definitely ‘The True Hydration Artist’ ! More information.

Environment and Sustainability

FLAVEX Naturextrakte Environment and Sustainability - FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH has been granted a Silver Recognition Level based on their EcoVadis CSR rating in November 2017. We are aspiring to Gold level in the next months.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

GIVAUDAN Active Beautyhas been inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine to launch RitualEssenz™ TCM, a new inspirational health and well-being beauty range. Also, new clinical tests have demonstrated a significant soothing effect of BisaboLife™ in rinse off products with -25% of scalp irritations.


GREENTECH - The SPIM will take place on the 15th and 16th November in Palais des Congrès in Vichy. This year again, internationnally kown researchers will present their progress on the topics apoptosis vs senescence, intracellular communication, microbiota or skin & neuro-sensitivity.«  »

A breakthrough innovation!

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics : GREYVERSE™ : Zero shade of grey is also sexy ! A breakthrough innovation, Greyverse™ is a clinically efficacious active ingredient able to act on the main factors causing hair greying process. It’s a unique solution to recover natural hair color. BIOPHILIC ™ H : New Results ! Efficient natural emulsifier, Biophilic™ H acts as a skin complexion perfector, keeps the skin moisturized, and enhances bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy.


INDENA : Vitachelox® clinically and in vitro proven effective in protecting the skin and its microflora from environmental pollutants, Blue Light oxidative damage, with a measurable reduction in oxidative markers linked to skin damage and wrinkles.

VIVAPUR CS Sensory 5 & VIVAPUR CS Sensory 15S

JRS - VIVAPUR CS Sensory 5 et VIVAPUR CS Sensory 15S - With these two new extra fine microcrystalline cellulose grades JRS enlarges its natural range of alternatives to PMMA and silica beads : soft focus effect in make-up and skin care.


Laboratoires Expanscience : alpha-LUPALINE® provides global protection against harmful effects of BLUE LIGHT, UV & IR to preserve skin integrity, firmness & elasticity. It thus highly limits accelerated aging by preserving cell integrity and skin matrix.

A new range of unique botanicals from around the world

LIPOTEC- LOOKING FOR THE WORLD’S ESSENCES - ACTISMART™extracts is a new range of unique botanicals from around the world prized for their beauty-enhancing, spiritual and natural benefits, titrated and supported with in vitro efficacy tests.


Schill+Seilacher - PERLASTAN SCG 38 CE (Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate) is our new sulfate-free surfactant that meets all requirements, where mildness, good cleansing ability, rich foam, high biological degradability and cost efficiency is needed. It is COSMOS conform and suitable for green/natural concepts in cosmetics, HI&I and pet care.

The Paracera™ waxes for cosmetics

PARAMELT The Paracera™ waxes for cosmetics are recognized by leading brand owners for high quality and consistent performance. The range consists of petroleum wax blends, natural waxes and specialty narrow-cut materials. The Paracera™ waxes are produced in FSSC 22000 certified food grade facilities. Paramelt is a global manufacturer of specialty wax blends operating eight manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, UK, USA and China.

Seppic new launched products

SEPPIC is pleased to introduce to the market new solutions with Fluidifeel™ Easy and Sepilife™ Nude, two new functional ingredients and Equibiome™ and Sakadikium™, two new active ingredients.

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