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欢迎新加入Coptis Ingredients的成员(九月版本):

ACTIFS PRECIEUX, a startup producing vegetable active extracts from natural Mediterranean raw materials, using supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

COSUN offers innovative biobased chemicals and materials from renewable, vegetable resources.

GREAF is a Chinese company specialized in high-quality cosmetic active ingredients, herbal extracts and fermentative ingredients in steps of global novel biotechnology.

ITALMATCH Chemicals is a Global Specialty Chemical Company.

NEELIKON an Indian prime manufacturer for more than 35 years of high quality dyes, pigments and lakes.

NISSACTIVE develops innovative natural cosmetic ingredients issued from the Mediterranean biodiversity echoing the consumers and cosmetic industries’ rising ethical and sustainability concerns.

SURFACTGREEN has developed a unique patented process leveraging the principles of Green Chemistry to deliver 100% biosourced cationic surfactants.

News from Premium members

Cosme-Phytamis® organic

A unique blend of four organic extracts formulated from organic French plants : Cucumber, Pomegranate, Marigold Flower and Red Vine Leaf carefully selected for their moisturizing and soothing properties acting in a synergistic and complementary way.


Benefit from the smart combination of different natural starch functionalities to achieve perfect complement - get volume, improved curl hold and conditioning benefits with COSMOS approved ingredients.

ALGAKTIV BioSKN for the new hand sanitizing era

ALGAKTIV BioSKN keeps your hands hydrated and resilient thanks to its microbiome-centric design and skin balancing technology ; it is an ideal partner in the new hand sanitizing era. Empower the consumer with high-performance sustainable skincare, learn more at

BGG Announces Beauty-from-Within Clinical Trial on ApplePhenon®

ApplePhenon® has been shown to alleviate UV-induced skin reddening in healthy women in a registered, randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial at 300mg and 600mg per day.

Dow launches virtual booth

Discover Dow’s latest hair, sun and skin care solutions in the new immersive 3D product experience. From the comfort of home, customers can interact with Dow experts and learn how Dow products progress sustainable beauty.

Croda launches a vegan innovation for Hair Care.

Keramatch V is a vegan alternative to animal-derived keratin. It has a comparable amino acids profile for equal performance with excellent sensory benefits. Croda is also expanding its Moonshine range with 4 new effect pigments, the Moonshine Ultra Colour Travel. With a coloured bulk tone, this multi-colour shifting effect pigments provides in addition multiple colours upon light reflection at a different angle for an intriguing visual effect.

Formulate easy with the upgraded SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER™ 2.0!

DSM - The new functionalities & Eco-Profiling allow formulators to evaluate eco-friendliness, costs and oil-load at once in real time & adjust on-the-go. It is fact-based, transparent, inclusive.

GELYMA launches two patented marine actives

- OCEA HEALTH® reinforces the skin’s capacity to protect itself against exposome. It strenghtens natural defensome with coordinated responses combining epidermal integrity, cell resilience, immune protection, inflammation modulation and skin regeneration to improve the comfort of sensitive skin.
- CAPHIRA® is a marine complex designed for global hair treatment. It offers functional benefits on the three parts of hair. It prevents alopecia and stimulates follicle metabolism. It reinforces the fiber and preserves it against dryness. It enhances shine and decreases the scalp erythema and inflammation.

High-quality CO2 Extracts from Myrrh and African Frankincense

FLAVEX Naturextrakte : The typical aromatic character of myrrh and frankincense gums and resins and their active ingredients are completely preserved in high-quality CO2 extracts. They offer unique features for the use in cosmetics, perfumery, food and dietary supplements. The sustainably produced raw material comes from a local partner in Somaliland who is certified according to the ecological principles of the Fair Wild Standard.

Givaudan Active Beauty new launched products

Givaudan Active Beauty presents its new breakthrough innovation named Synchronight™, a powerful & dynamic active cosmetic ingredient made from gardenia fruit extract, playing a significant role in protecting the skin from digital stress. More information. ; Givaudan Active Beauty explores new avenues with vegetal by launching K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia, which rebalance itchy and flaky scalp and K-phyto™ [PP] GHK, a phyto-boosted peptide for oily skin, both crafted by Green biotechnology. More information

IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new launched product

IBR-TCLC® is inspired by nature, purified tomato extract, rich in rare colorless carotenoids (phytoene and phytofluene). IBR-TCLC® is a multifunctional active, acting as free radical quencher, anti-inflammatory agent, melanin production inhibitor – for a perfect healthy skin complexion.


JRS continues its innovation in the development of natural sensory powders alternatives to microplastics and launches on the cosmetic market the VIVAPUR CS SENSORY 12 (INCI : Microcrystalline Cellulose) certified COSMOS natural. After the alternatives to PMMA and PE, here is the new alternative to NYLON ! Test it in skincare, make-up or sunscreen !

Expanscience launches Number 6, a new ingredient derived from avocado upcycling

Discover Laboratoires Expanscience’s new launch 2020 : Number 6 - the 6th ingredient in the catalogue derived from Avocado Upcycling. Following its eco-socio-conception philosophy, Expanscience valuates food-grade avocado by-products and turn it into precious active molecules. Number 6, concentrate of avocado polyphenols, illuminates the eyes thanks to its anti-dark circle & anti-puffiness properties ; It’s the remedy to rough nights, restoring all its glow and vitality to the skin !

Latossée proposes Lanoline alcohol

Lanolines de la Tossee High-purified Lanoline for sensitive skin, Latossée proposes Lanoline alcohol. On very dry skin the powerful moisturizing properties of the product involve a very efficacy in 2 hours (+19% vs placebo). The efficacy is highly maintain during 8 hours. This flash moisturizing property is completed by good skin rejuvenation properties (skin lipid restoration - the lanolin book 1999 chap8 217-235). Cholesterol high concentration of Alcools de Lanoline reduce deficiency of elderly skin

NATUROCHIM launches a new organic French oil

NAT ORGANIC DEODORIZED CAMILNA OIL from camelina grown in France. This rare oil is an ideal ingredient for formulas targeting sensitive/damaged/problematic skins and hair thanks to its fatty acids profile.

USFDA approved dyes and lakes/pigments

NEELIKON offers high-quality USFDA approved dyes and lakes/pigments for colour cosmetics and personal and home care application. We also have treated pigments and readymix paste. For more information, you may visit our website

The Paracera® N-line is a unique range of waxes

PARAMELT - Specifically designed with controlled chemistries and molecular weight distribution to optimize the delivery of their properties. Paracera N-line grades are produced using a proprietary technology within tight control limits offering an exceptional degree of product consistency and performance repeatability.

PROVITAL GROUP launches Wonderage™

Wonderage™ is a well-aging natural active ingredient that balances the epigenetics of mature skin and restores radiance by boosting endogenous hyaluronic acid. Mature women feel delighted. Impact on emotional well-being demonstrated using A.I.

Looking for a good Ecocert/Cosmos/Natrue/Vegan active for anti-dandruff applications?

Salixin has just received a test report from Bio-EC with anti-dandruff efficacy data from a test of a shampoo with 0,3% Salixin fermented willowbark active. 20 volunteers used the shampoo for 28 days with a final score of 7/10 for the shampoo. Request the report and INCI for the shampoo used in the test from Salixin – making organic willow bark extracts with 100% traceability.

Perlastan SL

Schill+Seilacher - Perlastan SL is an amino-acid based surfactant, which meets all requirements for certified natural cosmetics and provides mildness, environmental friendliness and perfect foaming for sulfate-free rinse-off products.

Seppic launches BEAUTY TRILOGY

Wellness Beauty - Conscious Beauty - Augmented Beauty, three beauty concepts that fit into the lifestyles of tomorrow’s consumers #healthyliving #betterliving #superliving.

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients won THREE 1st prizes at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020!

Discover these new awarded ingredients :

  • Crinipan® PMC Green : new green generation of dandruff control,
  • SymEffect™ Sun : 360° approach for optimized sun protection,
  • SymControl® Scalp : blue biotech ingredient that reduces oiliness on scalp.
    To learn more

SpecPure® BTS Saponins won the 2019 Innovation Zone Best ingredient Awards.

100% Innovatively Botanical Nonionic Surfactant, provided by Spec Chem :
· Excellent foaming property, foam booster ;
· Compatibility with other ingredients ;
· Unique antifungal (Candida Albicans) ability, fits for feminine products ;
· Clinical test approved its effective inhibition of grease secretion, excellent decontamination.

SPECTRUMS EUROPE is specialized in phytocannabinoids CBD CBG CBC

Our BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT and ISOLAT powder are GMP and COSMOS certified, are innovative active ingredients rich in cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a natural component of hemp oil, it is a powerful natural chemical compound offering many beauty benefits. Our new website is online. We invite you to discover it. We will be present virtually at the E-COSMETIC 360 exhibition on October 12 & 13, 2020. You will also be able to meet us at the Beauty & Skincare Formulation Conference in London on September 22, 2020 and at the White Label World Expo in Frankfurt on October 21 & 22, 2020.

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