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Coptis introduces new Coptis Lab Software features: the Inventory Management

Are you experiencing complex challenges when it comes to managing inventory : failure to keep precise track of stock movement in and out using manual processes, lack of stock or insufficient stock when formulating, expired samples stocks causing excess inventory and reduced lab space ?

Coptis solutions are industry standard with continuous evolutions to meet user’s needs in cosmetic products development.

Come and discover at the In-Cosmetics Paris, the new Inventory management module that will be available in the next Coptis Lab version.

Users’ club: SAVE THE DATE

We annually gather our clients who are users of Coptis Lab. During this meeting, we analyze the requirements of laboratories and define with them the areas for enhancement of our products. Attendees will view a live presentation of the new features of the Coptis technology solutions such as the Inventory Management and the Regulatory restrictions newly managed in Coptis Lab.

The European Users’ club is scheduled on October 21st and 22 at Paris - La - La Défense.
The Northern American Coptis Users’ club is scheduled on October the 24th in New-York.