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Cosmetic companies, subcontractors, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic raw materials, consultants, ... they all use COPTIS !


“Shiseido International France has been using Coptis Lab software since 2007 in their Research & Development laboratory. This is a very effective and convenient tool with many features. The Coptis team is always attentive to the needs of customers, to the regulatory changes and implements compatible solutions for companies. In addition, the ability to develop specific modules (ERP interface, regulatory analysis ...) is also an asset for the management in the company.”

Karine THEVENY, Coptis Administrator / Regulatory Data


"Coptis, un software conviviale sviluppato per la cosmesi che ha saputo imporsi in seno alla ricerca Clarins."

Eric GOORIS - Direttore della Ricerca e Sviluppo Laboratori Clarins - N°1 europeo dei prodotti di trattamenti di bellezza in profumeria


“Coptis Lab has been a useful tool in helping our formulators to better manage projects and testing by improving data sharing among our different groups. The Coptis customer service group has also been great at addressing concerns and working through modifications to make sure the system works as well as possible for our laboratory needs.”

Ryan ROBERTS, Lab Manager


I was very happy to see Coptis Lab being installed in our R&D laboratory as it is really a fantastic tool for formulation management and it saved us a lot of time from creating a formula to generate a INCI list.
Also it is a good tool for us to share formula and raw material information with our Thailand branch. Coptis Lab is very easy to use from the first beginning. Thank you Coptis !!


"Coptis has immensely improved the ability to share and trace the formulation development done in our lab. It has proven to be an invaluable database of trials and test results to evaluate our current formulations as well as providing starting point for our future projects."

Tomas BYSTRÖM - Development Chemist ACO HUD NORDIC AB - a Swedish formulation laboratory, manufactures and markets cosmetic and medicinal skin care products.


“Coptis Lab is a very new program for us but clearly I can see the great potential for this most unique software. While time must be invested in the early stages to input data the time savings in the near future is well worth it ! To have all formulas with revisions, comparatives, pricing available at the click of a button is fantastic. It keeps the entire team informed and on the same page. Dermalogica is an International distributor so the wealth of regulatory information in the program and that which may be stored and referenced is a regulators dream. Thank you team Coptis !”

Lora Lassley – Technical Research Manager, Research & Development.

Coptis is a professional software solution for the cosmetic R&D department which enables information sharing between our national laboratories. The raw materials regulatory feature is very powerful and allows managing the raw material regulatory information from numerous aspects such as national regulation, warnings, raw material status and blacklist. Also, the quality of Coptis’ support is very good. If there is an issue regarding the software usage, they patiently assist with finding the solution.

Vicky Wang, R&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics.


"Coptis is user-friendly software easy for beginners to master. We have managed to adapt the set fields to our formulation activity for several companies and also have integrated the development of other health products such as medical devices and biocides. The follow-up of tests to be performed is essential for reminding us of the due dates of our 200 simultaneous projects. Additionally, it allows management of due dates per laboratory or subcontractor, allowing us better follow-up of externally performed tests. Information concerning raw materials (over 1300 materials) can be transmitted – due to installation on an SQL server – to the various sites within our Group.

Finally the Coptis hot-line is very attentive to our needs, and the updates are much appreciated. We have 9 licenses, and after 6 months of use are already seeking a further 3 licenses, which proves that the users within the Batteur Group are convinced of its utility."

Sylvie CHOPIN - Development Manager Batteur Group – Formulation, Manufacturing and Sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products : In Pharmacy - Laboratoires Gilbert (Laino, Neutrapharm, Physiodose …), Sabiluc (Naturelle d’Argan, Hei Poa, Le comptoir du bain & Aroma) In Institute, Spa, Thalassotherapy Centers and boutiques : Océan terre Biotechnologie (Algotherm, Beauté océane, Autrepart)


"COPTIS es un software perfectamente adaptado a las necesidades de nuestro laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo. Es práctico, funcional, y nos permite gestionar con eficacia las necesidades de la formulación, la reglamentación y del control de calidad. También es un acelerador de la comunicación dentro del laboratorio, y permite uniformizar los métodos de trabajo. El soporte técnico de COPTIS es reactivo y está pendiente de las necesidades de los usuarios."

Bruno de BEAUFORT – Director de Operaciones MATIS


"Coptis es una herramienta única capaz de organizar y gestionar las materias primas cosméticas, garantizar una trazabilidad de las fórmulas y los ingredientes, garantizar la ausencia de errores de transmisión de datos o de reescritura y una optimización del tiempo de búsqueda. Es una herramienta indispensable desde el punto de vista de las limitaciones reglamentarias actuales y futuras."

Jean Christophe CHOULOT - Director de Investigación y Desarrollo Ales Groupe – Actividad capilar, cosmética y Alta Perfumería - Phytosolba / Lierac / Caron


"Coptis es un software práctico, de fácil acceso desde la primera utilización. El intercambio de experiencias y puntos de vista entre profesionales en el marco del club de usuarios garantiza una creciente mejora de los resultados del software mediante la aportación constante de evoluciones técnicas en línea con las necesidades reales de los usuarios. Una asistencia telefónica en línea disponible y competente."

Patrick LE GARREC - Director de Investigación y Desarrollo Intercosmétiques - Formulación, Fabricación y Envasado de productos cosméticos


"Coptis is a user-friendly software specially adapted to cosmetic product development ; It’s a tool which has earned recognition within our company and has today become indispensable to our product development process. It has actually allowed us to increase efficiency by establishing rigor and traceability. Today we believe we have optimized its use potential as regards both the raw material database and the formulation module. In this way, Coptis will allow us in the short term to dispense with paper documents because all our documents (legal file, development-related working documents) are linked into Coptis.

Finally, the Coptis commercial staff is very attentive to our specific demands and, thanks to the users’ club, the software has succeeded in evolution according to the real needs of the profession."

Marie Pierre DULAU – Development Director DIPTA – Laboratoire BIODERMA / ESTHEDERM Institute


"Coptis is a remarkable tool covering all R&D laboratory software needs, affording both timesaving and safety of the development process. Developed in a user-friendly format and extensively configurable, it can be mastered quickly. Its continuous updates according to the users’ expressed needs are very appreciable. It’s a great plus for laboratory performance."

Dominique PRADINES – Research & Development Manager THALGO – body, face and sun care at Thalassotherapy centers and Institutes