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A global, metabolic stimulant, AC Dermal Respiratory Factor Advanced PF increases cellular oxygenation and wound healing while promoting collagen and elastin synthesis, truly increasing cellular metabolism at every level while also having the ability to reduce inflammation. Due to their efficacious soothing properties, and metabolic enhancing benefits, live yeast cell derivatives (LYCD) are widely used in the cosmetic and personal care industries. LYCD is produced when live yeast cells are exposed to stress, such as UV radiation.

When added to cosmetic applications, AC Dermal Respiratory Factor Advanced PF is capable of soothing the skin and enhancing cellular function. As an added benefit, this product can also help optimize keratinization to further stimulate the health of the skin and/or scalp. Help your skin breathe easy and reap the benefits of a glowing, youthful looking aesthetic!

Benefits of AC Dermal Respiratory Factor Advanced PF:
. Global Metabolic Stimulant
. Efficacious Soothing Benefits
. Promotes Wound Healing
. Stimulates Collagen Production
. Stimulates Elastin Production
. Increases Cellular Respiration

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