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Present in China since more than 200 million years, BAMBOO appeared in Europe in the 19th century. It was brought by the silk trader for their most wealthy clients. Symbol of strength and longevity, bamboo is mentioned in many Chinese legends. The Bamboo-King legend tells the story of a young baby found enclosed in a bamboo stem. The strength and the talent of this child made him the King of the Yelang kingdom.

Nowadays, bamboo is still very used in Japanese traditional celebrations. During the Tanabata, the "stars celebration", the ones who want to be happier in love hook their wishes on bamboo shoots which are burned or discarded into the water.

Bamboo water presents soothing properties which help to reduce skin irritations. It has a remineralizing action and is ideal to give radiance back to tired skins. The regenerating properties of bamboo water provide stimulation of the skin repair process. The skin is then revitalized, repaired and presents a renewed luminous glow.

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