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From the Greek word 'minthe', the name PEPPERMINT is derived from the story of a nymph who was turned into a flower by Proserpina, a Roman goddess. This pungent plant, native to the Middle East, has soothing , antiseptic, analgesic and anesthetic medicinal properties. Today, it is often used to add flavor or color to food. Howerver, all around the world, it is most appreciated when consumed as a beverage, like tea. This perennial plant has oval green to violet green leaves, where aromatic substances accumulate, giving it a potent, poppery scent.

Peppermint water is known for its repairing properties for face and body. It allows to restructure and to remodel the skin. It also helps to regenerate tissues. Peppermint leaves composition brings to this water soothing properties, acting on irritated skins. This water modulates inflammation and limits visually its effect.

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