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Betafib® ETD is a blend of cellulosic microfiber derived from sugar beet pulp and carboxymethyl cellulose. This blend can be used directly by means of a regular mixing system. Betafib® ETD is inherently biodegradable and delivers high viscosity at low dosage levels, is shear thinning, and has a high yield stress.

Betafib® ETD is considered a structurant that forms a physical network in water based systems. In general, it will stabilize a formulation and it has a very wide application window with respect to pH and temperature, and is extremely tolerant to electrolytes. The physical network will add yield stress and viscosity to formulations while providing vertical cling and particle carrying properties.
- Smooth viscosity and structure;
- Provides cling and is easily rinsible;
- Suspends particles and prevents floatation, roaming and settling of beads, encapsulated fragrances, actives, abrasives, exfoliants, TiO2 and ZnO.

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