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Croda's SyncrowaxTM range of structural wax esters are specifically designed to provide stable, uniform properties in sticks and emulsion systems.

As synthetic waxes, the Syncrowax structural agents each have their own attributes and confer structuring and bodying properties in varying degrees. They can be used alone or in combination to allow the formulation of products with a wide range of physical characteristics.

- Structure builders
- Crystallinity modifiers
- Emulsion stabilizers
- Batch to batch consistency
- Broad versatility across applications
- Compatibility with a wide range of ingredients

Cosmetic chemists have long used natural waxes in formulating a wide range of products. Although natural waxes are versatile, they suffer a number of drawbacks. Croda's SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL offers formulators a desirable alternative.

SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL can be considered a vegan alternative to synthetic beeswax. SP Syncrowax SB1 MBAL consists of 100% non-animal derived, non-GMO waxes and emulsifiers specially blended to provide a vegan alternative to natural beeswax. This structural wax ester provides stable, uniform properties in sticks and emulsion systems, making it an ideal choice for a variety of cosmetic applications. This product does much more than replace the natural waxes, it allows for unique formulation development.

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