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.Total Eye Contour Rejuvenation (Upper & Lower Contours)
.Multipathway Approach (6 Interconnected Pathways)
.Highly Purified Gentiopicroside (from sustainably & locally harvested organic gentian roots)

MYRALYS is a COSMOS-certified organic active ingredient, highly purified in gentiopicroside, sourced from organic wild yellow gentian roots to rejuvenate the upper and lower eye contours.

To counteract eye contour aging, MYRALYS targets 6 interconnected biological pathways according to a multipathway approach. It stimulates NRF2-mediated cell antioxidant response, to limit oxidative stress and oxidation reactions involved in premature skin aging and the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). MYRALYS also modulates 3 interrelated pathways: it limits inflammation and VEGF-A-mediated angiogenesis while it promotes lymphatic functions by stimulating VEGF-C release. MYRALYS strongly reduces the formation of AGEs, by stimulating Glyoxalase-1 (major detoxifying enzyme which specifically neutralizes the highly reactive aldehydes involved in AGEs formation) and by fully neutralizing the UV-induced formation of CML (major AGE). Finally, MYRALYS reduces dermal matrix aging, by strongly stimulating collagen I synthesis and by protecting elastic fibers from UV-induced elastin degradation.

Visible results in just 14 days
Lifts droopy upper eyelids (smoother skin, less folds)
rejuvenates under-eye contour
Reduces vascular dark circles
Reduces under-eye bags / puffiness
Smoothes and replumps the tear trough

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