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Inspired by forest therapy to defy skin aging:

- Brings a new approach to well aging and skin barrier regeneration through OR2AT4 olfactory receptors
- Mitigates the impact of air pollutants for a healthier looking skin
- Clinically tested on the skin olfactory signature of aging, skin regeneration, firmness, elasticity and skin wrinkles
- First biofunctional developed with Artificial Intelligence

Key features and benefits:

- Brings the well aging and regenerating benefits of sandalwood through OR2AT4 olfactory receptors
- Increases cell longevity and reduces cell senescence
- Enhances skin ceramide synthase and filaggrin in dry skin condition
- Mitigates air pollution damage in ex vivo skin and in aged skin models
- Clinically tested on skin regeneration, skin firmness, skin luminosity and skin wrinkles
- Clinically proven to reduce the skin olfactory signature of aging (S-VOCs specific to aging)

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