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Ultra fresh tea serum for a peaceful and balanced skin inspired by neurocosmetics and yoga.

Infini'teaTM biofunctional provides formulators with a solution to restore a peaceful balance inspired byneurocosmetics and the ceremonial ritual of tea to restore the homeostasis of young, fresh and relaxed looking skin. Recommended use level: 0.3 to 1% (in vivo test at 1%).

Key features and benefits:

- Neurocosmetic solution to calm and sooth the skin
- Cosmetic solution inspired by yoga, sun do and meditation
- First detox concept for monosodium glutamate excitotoxin
- Helps limit the damage of UV
- Helps decrease ex vivo the expression of melanin
- Reduces the appearance of redness and fine lines; increases skin luminosity
- Fresh, natural, pure and minimally processed tea serum from patented zeta fractionTM technology
- Unique composition with superior level of L-theanine and antioxidants compared to green and black tea
- Tea leaves sourced and manufactured utilizing low environmental impact practices

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