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Connecting skin biology and emotions with royal jasmine for well-feeling and well-aging:

- Phytofermented extract from fresh and organic jasmine flowers, sustainably grown in Provence (France)
- Inspired by emotional beauty and "science of love"
- For the first time, a natural bioactive that can activate skin's sensors of touch, the piezos, as a caress
- Releases "feel-good" and anti-aging molecules (oxytocin...)
- Developed by a sustainable patented biotechnology: phytofermentologyTM
- Unique signature composition rich in flower peptides and bioactive phytonutrients
- For age-relaxing, less tissue sagging and healthy glow effect
- Clinically proven to improve emotional well-being

Key features and benefits:

- Skin's touch sensors to release feel-good molecules:
Activates touch sensors piezo1
Mimics caring touch for a release of skin'oxytocin
Boost piezo1 and oxytocin at all ages

- Mitigates age-decline of touch sensors and oxytocin production:
Increases piezo1 and oxytocin receptors in aged-models
Boosts e-cadherin to limit tissue sagging
Boosts collagen I and hyaluronic acid

- Well-being and innate immunity:
Decreases stress-cortisol enzyme
Boosts viperin, an innate immunity factor

- Clinically proven to improve emotional well-being, relax signs of aging and provides healthy glow effect:
3 points evaluation of emotional well-being (physiological, subjective and real-time emotion tracking)
Skin is visibly smoother on forehead and front in 14 days
Visibly improves skin complexion radiance

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