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A naturally derived, vegan, and COSMOS approved rheology modifier for robust suspension in hair and skin cleansers.

ArbalonTM R-50 cellulose liquid is a fermentation-derived, PEG-free cellulosic structurant for efficient suspension and stabilization in cleansing systems. It offers easier processing, more powerful suspension, and improved formulation stability than commercial microfibrous cellulose.

Ingredient Features:
.High suspension in a wide range of viscosity systems
.Synergistic thickening with other thickeners
.Maintains foam quality and quantity
.Broad compatibility across surfactant chassis and pH

Formulation Benefits:
.Visually differentiated products
.Delivers pleasant foam and consumer-preferred sensory
.Synergy with other ingredients to modify formula rheology

Sustainability Benefits:
.Naturally derived and non-ecotoxic; Vegan; COSMOS approved
.Easy to disperse and cold processable
.Readily biodegradable (99%, OECD test method)

ArbalonTM products are manufactured by CP Kelco U.S., INC. ArbalonTM is a trademark of CP Kelco and is used under license.

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