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DendriclearTM is a lysine dendrimer (branched sphere molecule) designed to reduce the signs of acne.

Rebalancing the skin's acnebiomeTM (C. acnes genome) is a breakthrough pathway to recovering a healthy microbiota that reduces the appearance of acne and improves the overall appearance of skin.

DendriclearTM is the next generation of active ingredients for acne-prone skin!

Covered by two patents, the pure and innovative dendrimer used in DendriclearTM fights acne-prone skin conditions thanks to a unique microbiota friendly mechanism of action with no undesired side effects, unlike traditional acne-prone skin solutions.

Rebalances the acnebiomeTM distribution for a healthier microbiota
- Gently reduces the appearance of acne lesions for clear and flawless skin
- Decreases sebum production for less shiny skin

Weakens acneic C. acnes strains (membrane fluidity, biofilm) to favor growth of non-acneic strains
- Reduces bacterial aggression (TLR-2) and decreases levels of inflammatory mediators (IL-8 & IL-1_)
- Prevents hyper-keratinization

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