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Preventing environmental impact before it is generated is essential to achieve a circular beauty industry. PomarageTM was born as the intention of collaboration between different points in the value chain: An agro-cosmetics symbiosis between Provital and a local supplier (Mooma®) to upcycle the apple pomace produced when processing apples.

The cosmetic benefits of this polyphenol-rich raw material were assessed on three in vitro studies performed in both normal and aged human dermal fibroblasts. The results confirmed that the health-giving properties of apples are also reflected in the improvement of the skin's extracellular matrix and the re-densification of the dermis, thanks to PomarageTM's action on the endogenic production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as on the reduction of inflammatory and cellular senescence processes.

It is due to all these benefits on the skin health, as well as its local and upcycled origin, that PomarageTM is completely in line with nature's rhythms: A well-aging active ingredient that will contribute to reduce the apple waste production, to increase the profit for the primary sector, and to reduce our carbon footprint. Like a gem hidden in the waste, PomarageTM is the emerald in the apple.
Like a homage to nature and a step forward in the preservation of its resources, PomarageTM is literally a tribute to nature's life cycles.

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