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Pair2Phase2 MB is an anionic emulsifier for cosmetic preparations such as creams and lotions for skin and body care in a variety of beauty and cosmetic products like shampoos, facial cleansers, exfoliants, sunscreens, moisturizers and make up removers. It allows the formulation of water resistant sun care products with soothing skin feel without stickiness. Due to its driving force to form lamellar surfactant phases potassium cetyl phosphate takes care to regulate humidity on the skin. The surfactant property lowers the surface tension of cosmetic formulations as well as aids the even distribution of the product when used.

Properties :
Pair2Phase2 MB is an emulsifier blend similar to skin phospholipids leading to an outstanding skin feel without stickiness.
- Certification by RSPO via Mass Balance process
- Good emulsifying ability of non-miscible liquids
- Application in certified cosmetic formulations
- No yellowing in sun care formulations
- Humectant abilities
- Environmentally friendly
- Free from preservatives, fragrances and solvents
- Sulphate free
- PEG-free

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