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Rheo2Green3 is a surfactant concentrate, which after dilution with water (in a ratio of approx. 1:3 to 1:5), can be thickened by reduction of pH in a cold process. This dramatic increase of viscosity leads to favorite flow and foam behavior of cleansing formulations. Resulting rheological properties are based on pure micellar thickening, which is responsible for the desired viscoelasticity missed by thickening with polymers, such as gums.

- Rich fine-pored foam
- Outstanding micellar self-thickening at pH < 5.5
- Cold processable
- Buffer capacity at pH of skin
- Mildness to skin
- Good cleansing ability
- Applying for certified cosmetic formulation
- High biological degradability
- Environmentally friendly
- Free from preservatives, fragrances and solvents
- Sulphate free

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