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Coptis Lab software is specifically designed for cosmetics product development and global regulatory compliance.

Key Concepts

Coptis PLM software provides all necessary features for product developers to work proactively.

  • Projects follow-up in real time
  • Risk control
  • Development cost saving
  • Reactivity
  • Traceability
  • Information sharing
  • Access security and customizing
  • Compatibility with existing systems
The personal care market is a challenging environment, evolving so fast. To meet rising consumers' concerns on care products while answering to the increased demand for product customization in a global market, cosmetic formulators must be aware of many parameters at the initial stages of the formulation management process. Sourcing characteristics of raw material, marketing claims, health issues, brand constrains, regulatory restrictions by country, cost objective, labeling or packaging components are some of the limitations to take into consideration when launching a product on the market. Cosmetic manufacturing also generates large amounts of data and documents from the marketing brief to the recipe/formula management including quality control and test follow-up.

With Coptis Lab formulation and regulatory software, cosmetic formulators save 30% of laboratory staff time and ensure compliance is met in the most efficient and cost effective way. Overall, risk is minimized and performance is improved.
  • Coptis Lab allows the management of centralized databases for raw materials data, formulas, tests results and packaging components
  • Coptis Lab compliance screening software feature displays automated alerts on regulatory issues, brand blacklist and market constraints from the initial steps of product development.
  • Coptis Lab integrates compliance reporting solution. Users generate automated reports with just one click: ingredients list, EU Cosmetic dossier, product information files, PIF, Toxicological reports etc. ….

Project management - Formula development follow-up

  • Planning of development, project library
  • Formula history and comparison, marketing submission, pilots
  • Formula cost and quantity to weigh
  • Sub-level Formula Management and Expanded view of the formula to the ingredient level
  • Real-time display of black lists and regulatory restriction linked to raw materials and ingredients
  • COSMOS standard, ISO 16128 formulation
  • Automatic customizable alerts : Organic label, CMR, Nano, VOC, Vegan etc…
  • Formula multicriteria searches by composition and characteristics
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Cosmetic formula development requires an optimized collaborative platform with cross functionality for team members for many departments: Marketing, R&D Department, Regulatory Department, Purchasing Department, QC/QA department and Production Department. Coptis Lab is the cosmetic manufacturing software that enables End-to-End project tracking capability.

Regulatory Compliance

Coptis Lab is a compliance screening software. The system organizes your regulatory information and generates regulatory compliance reports. Restricted, regulated and forbiddeen substances are easlily identified by country, by application or by level of use. With real time automated alerts on regulatory issues, brand blacklist , formulators save precious development time.

  • Management of multiple INCI nomenclatures : European / USA / Japanese / Mixed/ Spanish / Chinese
  • Meet MoCRA compliance requirements
  • China IECIC – Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China
  • Japanese INCI names from JCIA, Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
  • European Cosing cosmetics data is preloaded with more than 20,000 substances
  • Raw material breakdowns by regulatory category: quasi-drugs, cosmetics, OTC
  • Automatic management of Allergens (threshold), Traces and other Warnings
  • Instantaneous Regulatory Analysis of the formula under development according to the predefined market
  • Automated printing of different templates : Ingredients list, formula registration to exportation
  • Creation of the Cosmetic Dossier - Product Information File (PIF)
  • Management of the CNPC functionality of the section "Category and Frame-formula" regulation according to mandatory EU regulations from July 11, 2013
  • Calculation of the Safety Margin (Mos) according to the SCCS

Test management

  • Management of the Tests : Tolerance, Stability, Compatibility, Challenge test…
  • Customization of the test tables
  • Automated schedule for the tests to be carried out by user
  • Comparison of the tests results on different formulas

Raw materials data management

Coptis Lab software for raw material management allows the centralization of all your supplier and raw material information in one place. Raw material data such as sourcing information, specifications, cost, substantiation data, safety data, allergens, heavy metals and traces are organized.

With utmost reliabilty, formulator can select the most appropriate raw material to meet the objectiv of the marking brief to include customer constraints and global regulations.
  • Centralization of technical data: functional class, properties, nature…
  • Centralization of regulatory data (INCI Risk phrases GHS and EPI, HMIS, IFRA …)
  • Management of ingredients blacklist (by brand, by retailers & clean beauty list.. )
  • Specifications
  • Automatic sample request
  • Management of a suppliers' directory
  • Multi criteria search (more than 50 selection criteria)

Quality control of raw materials and formula

  • Customized specification data sheets
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Comparison of analysis results from different lots and batches
  • Editing MSDS (template)

Packaging module

  • Centralized management of primary and secondary components' information (composition, nature, origin, specifications, traces/impurities, prices and documentation, etc)
  • Creation of Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Price simulations based on quantity and supplier
  • Follow-up of tests on the finished product : stability, compatibility etc.

Electronic management of documents

  • Centralized access to all documents relating to projects or raw materials

Inventory management

Stock in, Stock out, Stock transfer
  • Organize stocks and avoid stock out with full traceability
  • Receive alerts on expiration date and safety stock
  • Automatically update stock while creating formulas
Laboratory or Production mode
  • Use for Lab or Production batches
  • Manage stock activities with users' authorization rights
Weighing module
  • Check lots availability prior to raw materials weighing
  • Easy selection of preferred Lot
  • Deduction of weighed quantity from inventory
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Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Shiseido International France has been using Coptis Lab software since 2007 in the Research & Development laboratory. It is a very effective and user-friendly tool with many features.... See more
Karine THEVENY Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Karine THEVENY Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Vicky Wang
R&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
Coptis is a professional software solution for the cosmetic R&D department which enables information sharing between our national laboratories. The raw materials regulatory feature is very powerful and allows managing the raw material regulatory information from numerous aspects such as national regulation,.... See more
Vicky WangR&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
Vicky WangR&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
David Durancet 
Cosmetic development manager 
Coptis users since 2008, we have been continuing its deployment to our different entities such as Innovation, Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs or Quality Assurance. Each of these departments has quickly endorsed its utilization thanks to an user-friendly and intuitive interface. Over the years and through numerous exchanges with professionals, ...
See more
David Durancet Cosmetic development manager 
David Durancet Cosmetic development manager 

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