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A fresh and plumped up skin as you wake up, who has never dreamed of it? Today, with the lack of time dedicated to beauty care, the beauty snacking trend is on the rise. The end of long cosmetic routine, place to short beauty rituals all day long.

GlucohyamiTM GL is a High-tech ingredient from chicory root extract harvested locally in France. The chicory is a medicinally important plant in Eurasia and in parts of Africa. It is described as a wound healing, antibacterial, stimulating and purifying remedy in several monographs around the globe and is taken in the form of tea, juice or ointment. GlucohyamiTM GL has proven to boost hyaluronic acid synthesis due to its high content in natural glucosamine. This ingredient has demonstrated to improve skin aspect by reducing wrinkles, fines lines and firming the skin. The ideal extract for beauty snacks!

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