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ECTOinOIL® is the first oil-compatible Ectoin and is specially developed for the use in water-free formulas. ECTOinOIL® allows brands to develop sustainable, water-smart products with great efficacy.

This 100% natural and multifunctional bioactive can be used in various cosmetic applications, such as:
- skincare formulations (face and body)
- anhydrous formulations: oil-serum, body oils
- color cosmetics (e.g., foundation, mascara, eye shadow, pressed powders)
- baby care
- sun care

As the recognized expert for Ectoin, the research of bitop aimed to make the highly water-soluble molecule Ectoin available for water-free formulations and therefore developed ECTOinOIL®.

With this innovative bioactive, formulators can create highly effective and water-smart products with Ectoin with the same efficacy while saving 99.9% of water compared to an emulsion. Furthermore, ECTOinOIL® is produced by means of sustainable manufacturing processes (biofermentation).

The combination of water-saving applications and sustainable manufacturing origin makes this active ingredient a true "green ingredient".


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