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Offering five unique effect pigment series, the Moonshine Effect Pigments range showcases quality borosilicate-based effect pigments to give cosmetic formulations the unique and innovative effects desired by the industry. These effects include exceptional intensity and shine at levels not achievable with mica-based effect pigments.

Whether it's a subtle, silky shimmer, or a bold, intense sparkle, the Moonshine Effect Pigments will no doubt help to achieve cosmetic creations that are out of this world!

The five effect pigment series that make up the Moonshine range are:
- Moonshine AstralTM Effect Series
- Moonshine Effect Series
- Moonshine Ultra Effect Series
- Moonshine Color Travel Series
- Moonshine Ultra Color Travel Series

Key benefits include:
- Brilliant color transmission and color intensity
- Wide range of colors and effects available
- Novel 350nm borosilicate substrate thickness represented in the Astral Effect series, delivering:
- Smooth sensory benefits
- Superior suspension properties

Multiple color effect options, including:
- Interference
- Single colour - Multi-color shifting
- Metallic

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