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Abba Chem Supply C.A. is a private company founded in 1992, based in Caracas, Venezuela, whose activity is the marketing, distribution and representation of chemical products aimed to meet the needs of the Venezuelan industrial sector. Our company has highly trained personnel, representations of global prestige and a broad and extensive line of products in the domestic market.

Our work is focused on cultivating long-term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers and so we have become a reliable supplier and a reliable partner for our market.

In Abba, we value and promote honesty and responsibility in our personal and business relationships, and with the community. We also value team work and especially the contribution of each member of our organization in achieving the goals and accomplishments of our company. Abba takes special care in the quality of our products, in the service provided to our customers and the commitment to the care of the environment.

Type de société : Fournisseur
Année de création : 1992

Av. Ppal. La Castellana (Av. Eugenio Mendoza)
Torre Digitel, Piso 21 Ofic 21-A. La Castellana.

Tel : (+58) 0212-262.30.60
Fax : (+58) 0212-262.32.52