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与会者将观看有关Coptis技术解决方案的新功能实时演示,例如:Coptis Lab研发软件新推出的库存管理功能、法规管理功能。



监管组是由Coptis Lab 研发软件用户所组成的协作社区。


Juan Cebrián, PhD
Europe Skin Care Applications Manager
Coptis Lab is an excellent and very convenient tool for cosmetic formulation. It meets all our expectations from the formulations design, project management and regulatory analysis. Additionally, it helps to control Raw Materials and it's very helpful in the preparation of all the documentation. 看更多
Juan Cebrián, PhDEurope Skin Care Applications Manager
Juan Cebrián, PhDEurope Skin Care Applications Manager
Innovation and Development Manager 
... The follow-up of tests to be performed, inventory management and regulatory data on raw materials are essential to enable us to manage our 1,400 simultaneous projects. COPTIS also makes it possible to set up confidentiality during the development of formulas .... 看更多
Sylvie CHOPINInnovation and Development Manager 
Sylvie CHOPINInnovation and Development Manager 
Jordi Segura Tejedor 
Technical Director 
 Coptis Lab is an excellent tool that has facilitated the organization and management of most tasks of our research and development, quality control and regulatory teams. It centralizes, in a single computer application, all the processes involved in the development of cosmetic products .... 看更多
Jordi Segura Tejedor Technical Director  
Jordi Segura Tejedor Technical Director