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EstoGel® Max is a concentrate of innovation. It is the perfect combination of two natural and highperformance oil gelling polymers. EstoGel® Max allows the formulation of oily gels over a wide range of viscosity from liquid to solid with excellent suspensive capacities. The network formed has the structure and rigidity of EstoGel® M and the flexibility and flowability of EstoGel® Green. This combination provides your oil phases with optimal compatibility and stability. Its easy processing at 85°C and the transparency of the derived products make this ingredient the ideal substitute for waxes and butters.

Thanks to EstoGel® Max, cosmetic manufacturers can show unlimited creativity in adjusting the rheology of their oil phases without compromising naturalness and performance. In its class, EstoGel® Max is one of the only oil gelling agents with a processing temperature of 85°C, achievable by most industrial sites. Moreover, its high naturalness index allows to formulate products with record naturalness levels.

One of the most notable advantages of EstoGel® Max is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of galenics and finished products. For a manufacturer, ingredient versatility is a key parameter as it allows them to rationalize their raw material catalog and reinvest referenced ingredients in new projects.

EstoGel® Max is particularly recommended in the following applications to amaze the consumer:
. Slightly gelled fluid oils with elegant flow or more viscous with consistency.
. Glittery or floral oils with perfectly suspended particles.
. Transparent solid sticks.
. Very stable emulsions with unique sensory properties.
. Make-up products with a new look and application.

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