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Coptis is exhibiting:
Coptis Trophy 2023, Shiseido 
Coptis Trophy 2023, 
During the EMEA Coptis Users' Club event, we were delighted to present Shiseido with an award in recognition of their loyalty and active engagement in our collaborative projects. Karine Theveny, Ingredients Regulatory Manager at Shiseido, stating: "In the 16 years we have used Coptis, we have developed our work methods to make maximum use of the software's evolving features -- and we still have many methods to explore and develop! Coptis' intuitive user interface allows data centralization and management, including ingredients and finished products..."
To read the complete testimonial click here → 
EMEA Coptis Users' ClubParis, France
EMEA Coptis Users' Club
Paris, France
Last September 2023 the EMEA Coptis Users' Club took place at Paris La Défense. These 2 days of sessions were an opportunity to present Coptis' strategic development perspectives and outlining key features on formulation and regulatory development with our clients animated by Coptis experts.  At Coptis, we're very customer focused, and we know it is key to give them the opportunity to share their challenges and best practices. That's why we have awarded an exemplary customer with Coptis 2023 trophy.
The Americas Users' Club will take place in Long Beach on October 27th, 2023, and the Asia-Pacific sessions will be scheduled before the end of 2023. 
Coptis User ClubParis, France
Coptis User Club
Paris, France

12-13 September 2023

Our next Coptis User Club, will be held on 12 & 13 September in Paris. This event provides a unique opportunity for our customers to discover the new features developed by Coptis and to exchange on future developments.

Coptis is working on an Artificial Intelligence for your laboratories 
Coptis is working on an Artificial Intelligence for your laboratories
Coptis, Inc. Appoints Marie Renee Thadal to Vice President of Sales and Operations.
Coptis, Inc. Appoints Marie Renee Thadal to Vice President of Sales and Operations.
In her new position, Marie will oversee operations for the Americas market and streamline the business development process. She will implement efficient systems to address the needs of the organization and customers. Prior to her promotion, during her 10-year tenure, Marie led the Coptis Business Development team for the Americas with a mission to digitalize R&D laboratories. Anne Karagoz, president of Coptis, stated, "Marie has been instrumental in positioning Coptis to become one of the premier providers of PLM Software Solutions to the cosmetic industry in the Americas."
Exporting a cosmetic product worldwide can be complex because of the many different regulations. Have a look to the COSMED T.V interview with Flora Pensé about Coptis Reg, the new launched Global Regulatory database.
Exporting a cosmetic product worldwide can be complex because of the many different regulations. Have a look to the COSMED T.V interview with Flora Pensé about Coptis Reg, the new launched Global Regulatory database.
Coptis is excited to introduce our newest product: Coptis Reg!
Coptis is excited to introduce our newest product: Coptis Reg!

See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps’ team productivity
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity
NYSCC Supports Education Night, New York, USA
NYSCC Supports Education Night, 
New York, USA

12 December 2023

Coptis is proud to be the main sponsor of the NYSCC Supports Education Night. The NYSCC Supports Education Night will be held at one of NYC's most iconic venues in Times Square, Edison Ballroom. Located in Central Times Square, come join us after the December SCC Technical Symposium for a night of festivities, networking, support on education scholarships and grants and more!
SCC77 Annual Meeting, New York, USA
SCC77 Annual Meeting, 
New York, USA

11-13 December 2023 

The 77th Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase remains the premier conference for cosmetic science education.  Back for 2.5 days this year at the Sheraton NY Times Square, more than 45 speakers, will be covering the latest research and innovation in the industry. Come and visit us at the Coptis tabletop, the sales team welcomes you for a live demo.
Making Cosmetics, Milano, Italy
Making Cosmetics, 
Milano, Italy

22-23 November 2023 

The Making Cosmetics celebrates its 10th anniversary! This event provides the attendees with the opportunity to learn about new technologies, latest regulations, formulation techniques, manufacturing solutions, packaging innovations, marketing developments, and trends in the cosmetics industry. Coptis is exhibiting booth #617 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo.
SCS Formulate Coventry, UK
SCS Formulate 
Coventry, UK

14-15 November 2023 

Coptis is exhibiting at SCS Formulate, with our partner Unifect. SCS Formulate is the meeting in the UK dedicated to personal care ingredients, attracting a substantial proportion of the UK market & focuses on the latest technologies, applications & ingredients. Come & visit Coptis stand #609
In-Cosmetics Asia Bangkok, Thailand
In-Cosmetics Asia 
Bangkok, Thailand

7-9 November 2023

In-Cosmetics Asia is the leading event in Asia-Pacific for personal care ingredients. Celebrating excellence in the field of ingredient innovation, in-cosmetics Asia also offers high-quality education on the latest science and trends. Coptis is exhibiting booth #G39 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo.
Happi & Wellness Conference New York, USA
Happi & Wellness Conference 
New York, USA

3 November 2023

Coptis will be exhibiting at the next event presented by Happi & Nutraceutocals World, for the Wellness Conference. Experts from the fields of nutrition, dermatology and skin care will discuss a range of topics. Book now your demo with Marie Thadal to learn more about the latest features of Coptis Software Solutions. 
Coptis Users' ClubLong Beach, CA, USA
Coptis Users' Club
Long Beach, CA, USA

27 October 2023

Our next Coptis Users' Club, which will take place in Long Beach on October, 27th, a day after California SCC Suppliers' Day. This event provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest features developed by Coptis and to exchange ideas about future developments.
SCC CALIFORNIA Suppliers' DayLong Beach, California, USA
Long Beach, California, USA

25-26 October 2023

CaliSCC Suppliers' Day serves as one of the most important North American events, with more than 300+ global Cosmetics and Personal Care industry leaders. Visit us Coptis at booth 275-277 and book now your demo with Marie Thadal to learn more about the latest features of Coptis software solutions. 

COSMETORIUMFira de Barcelona, Spain
Fira de Barcelona, Spain

18-19 October 2023

Cosmetorium is the only event in Spain that enables to interact with the country's leading companies providing ingredients, services, machinery, advice and equipment used in creating and manufacturing personal care and cosmetic products. Don't miss Coptis workshop by Erika N. Foggéa, on October 19th, at 3:00pm in Level 0 : "Cómo la tecnología digital y la inteligencia artificial mejoran la innovación en I+D de cosméticos". Come and Visit Coptis at booth #109.
COSMETIC 360Carrousel du Louvre, France
Carrousel du Louvre, France

18-19 October 2023

Coptis is exhibiting for the Cosmetic 360 trade show. Since 2015, Cosmetic Valley organizes the only trade show in the world exclusively dedicated to innovation for the entire fragrance and cosmetics industry: raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing and analysis, finished products, distribution... Coptis sales team welcomes you at booth DD35!
Coptis, launching an AI R&D program to predict the stability of a formula 
Coptis, launching an AI R&D program to predict the stability of a formula 
Performing stability testing is a mandatory step in formula development. This multi-step process and repetitive task is arduous but can be improved with technology. In a collaborative effort, Coptis introduces its Artificial Intelligence R&D program integrated in Coptis Lab. If successful, the Artificial Intelligence feature will be able to predict the stability of a formula before testing. The accuracy of the AI predictions increases with the amount of available data. With 22 years of digital experience, a large network of Coptis users worldwide and our insightful understanding of our customers' needs, we are the primary cosmetic software company with the potential to succeed with the most precision.
You’re currently trading or looking to trade in China?
You're currently trading or looking to trade in China?
With the Coptis Lab PLM software, formulators can manage Ingredients list in Chinese in accordance with the IECIC inventory Chinese name. The substances used in a formula are automatically updated with the Chinese names and INCI/English names of the IECIC Inventory.  
The CSAR code is also a new field available in the raw material category. This submission code is required for all raw materials used in cosmetic products intended to be sold in China. 
Liftyl™ - a rare rosewood extract for face sculpting
Liftyl™ uses rosewood chips, a co-product of essential oil production. After a comprehensive ethno-genomic research on face sculpting using bioinformatics, the effectiveness of Liftyl™ has been demonstrated on 7 benefits associated with face sculpting, on Asian and Caucasian skin. Liftyl™ has also a proven efficacy comparable to retinoic acid without the side effects. Learn more
BGG extends the list of ingredients in compliance to COSMOS
BGG is proud to announce that additional 2 ingredients have been validated to conform to COSMOS standard. The new two products covered by this attestation are Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate and Mono Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate.

bitop to present their Extremolytes at California's Suppliers Day and-in cosmetics Asia
bitop, the experts in the biotechnological manufacturing of Extremolytes, invite you to explore their multifunctional powerhouse actives Ectoin® natural & Glycoin® natural at California's Suppliers Day (booth #464) and in-cosmetics Asia (booth B20).
Join the PoreVolution™ with CutiFine CLR™
CutiFine CLR™ is the first ingredient that works on all important biological processes which lead to pore enlargement, but also reduces the color contrast of the pores with the surrounding skin, an until now largely overlooked but essential feature.
Are you looking for a treatment for your back-to-school formulations?
An ingredient which, at the same time softens and repairs weakened hair, brings a soft and silky side to the skin, non-sticky on application, with a firming benefit?
Test and use (from 2%) one of the latest additions to the Calsil® range, formulated without D5, and providing you with the same benefits, Calsil PB 10.
The future is Biobased
At Cosun Biobased Experts, we believe that the future is biobased.
CBP Inulin – Multi-functional pre-biotic provides wellness and gives benefits of balancing microbiome, humectant and moisturization. It obtains COSMOS and NATRUE.
Croda's Botanical Alliance unveils its analysis of the 2024 Beauty Trends
Crodarom and Alban Muller, the botanical experts of Croda Int. Plc, have published their study of next year's trendiest beauty concepts, expected to shape the industry next year. Freedoms take pride of place. Read the article
Geoskincare, a beauty trend set to become mainstream

A skincare routine adapted to local climatic conditions is the guarantee of skin in top form and unrivalled well-being. Discover Geoskincare and its applications, presented by Alban Muller and Crodarom.
Read the article
New clinical results for Laboratoires Expanscience's CALYBIOTA®Bio active ingredient.
Extracted from the flowers of the Red Kapok tree, Calybiota®Bio protects and maintains the balance of the skin's microbiota. Calybiota®Bio has a beneficial prebiotic effect for deodorant applications, translated by a reduction in volatile organic compounds responsible for unpleasant odours.
FLAVEX at Natexpo in Paris
We will be exhibiting at Natexpo in Paris from October 22-24, 2023 as a member of the German Pavilion. Take the opportunity and convince yourself of the wide range of our certified organic CO2 extracts and their versatile fields of application. For more information please visit our homepage
Givaudan presents RetiLife™
RetiLife™ is a molecule for anti-ageing and a breakthrough evolution for the cosmetic industry. This new active ingredient is the first 100% naturally sourced retinol, and as such a sustainable solution to chemically synthesised retinol.
Greentech was awarded the best ingredient award for CIRCALYS at the I FEEL GOOD EVENT 2023 in Paris
CIRCALYS® is a natural, chrono-detox and "Feel Good" energizer, titrated in andrographolide, extracted from green chiretta leaves, to effectively reduce the impact of fatigue induced by a fast-paced modern life on the skin (eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, dull skin) and on the emotions (yoga-like effect).
Hydrosella™. Osmo-hydration to fight against dry skin
Hydrosella™ is an innovative active ingredient designed to promote healthier-looking skin through its amazing hydrating properties in both leave-on and rinse-off applications.

More information
The solidification technology of the JRS group
Your shower gel or shampoo formula in all forms: gel, powder, bar with the same ingredients? This is possible thanks to the solidification technology of the JRS group.
Discover the JRS marine makeup remover cleansing gel in liquid and solid versions or discuss your project with JRS…

Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide, the next dimension in facial definition
High-performing and sustainable tetrapeptide inspired by microcurrent devices, Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide mimics the benefits of electrical stimulation on the skin for a complete upper face lifted appearance and a reduced visibility of wrinkles.
PhytoSpherixTM : plant-based glycogen to energize the skin
PhytoSpherix™ is a phytoglycogen extracted from sweet corn by a patented green process.
PhytoSpherix™ has similar effects as animal-derived glycogen. It increases cellular metabolism, promotes collagene and hyaluronic acid production in skin cells. 
Video link:
Flav'ential® - Flavonoids by MMP
MMP Inc. offers a range of pure vegetal flavonoids with antioxidant activity and interesting UVB/UVA absorption profiles. Our Flav'ential® active ingredients have unique skin lightening, age defying and sun and environmental protection properties.
PolymerExpert at Cosmetic 360
PolymerExpert will be delighted to embark you on a journey of discovery with our new collection, a fusion of naturalness, performance and sensory delights! To learn more about our innovative ingredients, meet us at Cosmetic 360 or contact us at
Densinaria, the deity of abundance from the Northern Oceans
Densinaria™ is a hair volume and strengthening natural active ingredient derived from Palmaria palmata that prevents split-ends and hair breakage thanks to reconstructive biomolecules obtained through an optimized enzyme-assisted extraction process. 
Listen to the audio-story that tells the legend of Densinaria
Schill+Seilacher presents Polyfix ZRC 50 TB
Polyfix ZRC 50 TB is a water and alcohol soluble odour absorber for HI&I as well as for cosmetic application. It is effective at the wide pH range and suitable for both, hydrophobic and hydrophilic, formulation types.

More effective retinol-based cosmetic products
Retinol is a hero ingredient in cosmetics but it's also a tricky one because of its chemical instability, poor cutaneous bioavailability and skin irritation potential. Discover ReVitAlide™ and Sederma encapsulation technology to improve its efficacy
SEPILIFE™ G305, The legacy of SEPIGEL™ 305 with high naturality
As a world leader in cosmetic rheology modifiers, Seppic continues to innovate creating eco-designed products that are ever more respectful of the planet by launching Sepilife™ G305, a more natural version of its iconic polymer, Sepigel 305™. Learn more
Solvay launches Naternal™ for regenerative beauty that cares for everyone
Naternal™ is a range of bio-based biodegradable polymers for biodegradable-by-design hair and skin care solutions. These ingredients promote new product developments driven by application and end-of-life performances.
Biotechnological products
Anhui Spec-Chem, located in Zhongxing Suchu High-tech Industrial Park, Chuzhou China, covers over 53 thousand sqm. The plant goes into production in Jan. 2023, contributes to the industrialization of biotechnological products, incl. Tanbest, SpecBio etc, meeting natural and sustainable trends.

New: SymCalmin® Avena
The innovative active ingredient for sensitive skin comfort: a concentrated standardized extract of organic oat, with various soothing properties, especially itching & redness relief. COSMOS CERTIFIED. Learn more
New range of phytocannabinoids for SPECTRUMS EUROPE 
Spectrums Europe launches a new range of phytocannabinoids dedicated to high definition innovation. Designed for brands with the highest level of objectification, regulatory compliance or specification requirements, the Optimaceuticals range offers the purest phytocannabinoids, backed by the most comprehensive data system.
We invite you to meet us at IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL BARCELONA, 28-30 March 2023 / stand X52.
Juan Cebrián, PhD
Europe Skin Care Applications Manager
Coptis Lab is an excellent and very convenient tool for cosmetic formulation. It meets all our expectations from the formulations design, project management and regulatory analysis. Additionally, it helps to control Raw Materials and it's very helpful in the preparation of all the documentation.
Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Shiseido International France has been using Coptis Lab software since 2007 in the Research & Development laboratory. It is a very effective and user-friendly tool with many features.
The Coptis team is always attentive to the new customer needs, to the regulatory changes and implements compatible solutions for companies. In addition, the responsiveness of the Support department allows the resolution of problems and the contribution of effective solutions.
Xiao-Ming Wu
R&D Engineer Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. (Huanya Group) 
The Coptis system is a highly practical software with a variety of functions for the research and development of the cosmetics industry. Its built-in modules can assist cosmetics R&D engineer to solve daily work problems very well: messy paper documents, raw material data management, loss of formula data, test result missing, difficulty in searching regulation, data transfer and information sharing…etc. 
Vicky Wang
R&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
Coptis is a professional software solution for the cosmetic R&D department which enables information sharing between our national laboratories. The raw materials regulatory feature is very powerful and allows managing the raw material regulatory information from numerous aspects such as national regulation, warnings, raw material status and blacklist. Also, the quality of Coptis' support is very good. If there is an issue regarding the software usage, they patiently assist with finding the solution.
Alexia Martelin
Global Regulatory Affairs Manager Systems and RM Regulatory Intelligence
Coptis is a very intuitive tool. It centralizes all the essential information from our various departments (R&D, Regulatory, Safety...).  The information is thus accessible to all in one click. Thanks to Coptis software we save time, gain in traceability and we are serene throughout our various developments. Thank you to the whole Coptis team!
Innovation and Development Manager 
Coptis is user-friendly software easy for beginners to master. In addition to our cosmetic product development activity, we have been able to integrate the development of other health products such as medical devices and biocides. The follow-up of tests to be performed, inventory management and regulatory data on raw materials are essential to enable us to manage our 1,400 simultaneous projects. COPTIS also makes it possible to set up confidentiality during the development of formulas, which brings reassurance and discretion to our customers. Also, thanks to the installation on an SQL server, the transmission of information on materials and formulas to the various sites of our Group is instantaneous. Thus, our quality control, purchase and security departments also use COPTIS on a daily basis for information consultation. Finally, the Coptis hot line is very attentive to our needs and Coptis updates are appreciable.
Sylvie CHOPIN - Innovation and Development Manager  – Formulation, Manufacturing and Sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for private label or contract manufacturing.
David Durancet 
Cosmetic development manager 
Coptis users since 2008, we have been continuing its deployment to our different entities such as Innovation, Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs or Quality Assurance. Each of these departments has quickly endorsed its utilization thanks to an user-friendly and intuitive interface.. Over the years and through numerous exchanges with professionals, Coptis has been able to capture their real needs and translate them into rapid evolutions.
Today, Coptis Lab, Coptis Ingredients and Coptis Stock have become indispensable tools for Laboratoires Expanscience. I would also like to underline the incredible responsiveness of Coptis support!
Jordi Segura Tejedor 
Technical Director 
Coptis Lab is an excellent tool that has facilitated the organization and management of most tasks of our research and development, quality control and regulatory teams. It centralizes, in a single computer application, all the processes involved in the development of cosmetic products, from the first laboratory formulas to the placing of the product on the market (registration of all the formulation trials, management of stability, safety and efficacy studies, approval of formulations, pilot tests, first industrial productions, etc.). It also facilitates compliance with legislative requirements, such as the preparation of ingredient lists or confection of the product safety dossier. Likewise, it allows managing the quality control of raw materials, materials and finished product.  Since its implementation in our laboratories, Coptis Lab has become an indispensable tool. Thanks to it, we have experienced a notable increase in productivity and significant time savings in product development.


Kelsey Larsen 
Lab Manager
Coptis Lab has been a powerful tool in helping our formulators to better manage projects and testing by improving data sharing among our different groups. The Coptis customer service group has been great at addressing concerns and working through our personal modifications to make sure the system is optimized for  our laboratory needs. With additional functionalities to replace other systems, it had helped us streamline our data sharing and increase efficiency.
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity


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