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LIFTISS® - Instant smoothing effect & Eco-designed tensor

- Natural alternative to synthetic fillers/tightening polymers
- Eco-designed ingredient (byproduct, green technologies) & sustainable supply chain in Burkina Faso

LIFTISS® is an eco-designed natural active ingredient titrated in tightening polysaccharides and in plumping NMF-like free sugars and alpha-hydroxy acids, delivering a complete instant solution against visible wrinkles and to prevent their worsening.

Polysaccharides deliver an instant tightening effect at skin surface thanks to their high molecular weight and film-forming property (corrective approach against wrinkles). As natural moisturizing factors (NMF), free sugars and alpha-hydroxy acids moisturize corneocytes, plumping skin and increasing its elasticity, to better resist against mechanical strains caused by facial expressions that worsen wrinkle severity (preventive approach against wrinkle formation).

Clinically tested on volunteers, the synergistic activity of these molecules offers an instant smoothing effect on wrinkles and skin micro-relief (results in only 5 minutes after one application) as well as a radiant fresh complexion.

China compliant

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