in-cosmetics KoreaSeoul, South Korea
in-cosmetics Korea
Seoul, South Korea

14-16 July 2021

in-cosmetics Korea is the only personal care ingredient event in Korea.

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ASCC ConferenceQueensland, Australia.
ASCC Conference
Queensland, Australia.

6 - 8 September 2021

Coptis is proud to be a premium sponsor of  the 53rd Annual ASCC Conference

Welcome to Purple, the new Coptis chatbot!
Welcome to Purple, the new Coptis chatbot!
Purple is the new chat robot that has been integrated into the Coptis Lab software.

Contact the support team to have Purple activated in your Coptis Lab software.

See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps’ team productivity
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity
ASCC ConferenceQueensland, Australia.
ASCC Conference
Queensland, Australia.

6 - 8 September 2021

Coptis is proud to be a premium sponsor of  the 53rd Annual ASCC Conference

in-cosmetics globalBarcelona, Spain. 
in-cosmetics global
Barcelona, Spain. 

5-7 October

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Don't miss in-cosmetics global, the leading global event and online resource for personal care ingredients. 
SCC CALIFORNIA Suppliers' DayLong Beach, California, USA
Long Beach, California, USA

13 - 14 October

CaliSCC Suppliers' Day serves as one of the most important North American events, with more than 300+ global Cosmetics and Personal Care industry leaders.

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Welcome to Purple, the new Coptis chatbot!
Welcome to Purple, the new Coptis chatbot!
Purple is the new chat robot that has been integrated into the Coptis Lab software.
Purple can dialogue with each user thanks to an automated conversation service.
Purple's mission is to interact daily with users and assist them in using the Coptis Lab software.

Do you wish to converse with Purple ?

Just contact the support team to have Purple activated in your Coptis Lab software.
Coptis Video Learning now available in Coptis Lab
Coptis Video Learning now available in Coptis Lab
Coptis LAB users can now access video tutorials. They can view many different features and improve their knowledge of the Coptis LAB software.
This is a continuous and scalable training offered by modules at difficulty levels : basic, intermediate and advanced.

Contact us to get information on how to access this e-learning center and get your Coptis Video Learning licenses !
COSMOS standard: one of the latest features available in Coptis LAB
COSMOS standard: one of the latest features available in Coptis LAB
Coptis LAB users can now formulate their products in compliance with the COSMOS standard.
They set the content by percentage of raw materials for:
  • CPAI, Organic CPAI
  • PPAI, Organic PPAI
  • SyMo,  NNI. 
With one click, the total % for Organic and Natural Ingredients of the final formula is calculated.
SPECTRUMS EUROPE is specialized in phytocannabinoids CBD CBG CBC ..
The Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of hemp oil, it is a powerful natural chemical compound offering many beauty benefits. Our BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT and our ISOLATES are GMP and COSMOS certified, are innovative active ingredients.We invite you to discover our website and our new products.
SpecPure® BTS Saponins new product from SPEC-CHEM
SpecPure® BTS Saponins  :
  •  can significantly reduce the liquid surface tension as a natural non-ionic surfactant. It has excellent foaming properties (more foaming capacity, good foam stability), and compatible with other ingredients.
  •  has the effect of balancing oil secretion, so it is suitable for natural mild cleaning and makeup removing products.
  •  has an excellent inhibitory effect on candida albicans and aspergillus Niger, and is proved to be safe by 3D cell model experiments, thus it is also suitable for oral care products, female cleaning products and fruit and vegetable cleaners.
HOGO: Your Product Protection Personal Assistant!
HOGO by Symrise guides you and simplifies your formulator's life : In just a few clicks, you find the perfect solutions to protect your formulations.. Available 24/7 all around the world !
Learn more
ADIPOLESS™ ECO: new active ingredient for "eye & silhouette contour"
wesource™, Seppic's brand of cosmetic active ingredients, has developed ADIPOLESS™ ECO that brings quinoa millennial properties to the skin for consumers requesting more naturality & efficacy.
From high quality quinoa organic crops, ADIPOLESS™ ECO provides a double action on lipogenesis and skin vascularization, which makes it perfect to reduce dark circles & prevent body fat storage.
ADIPOLESS™ ECO Naturality with no compromise on performance.
Salixin new fermented bioactive
Looking for a an Ecocert/Cosmos organic & fermented bioactive made from Red Willow Bark ? Salixin has just released a new product with the INCI name "Lactobacillus/Salix Purpurea Bark Ferment Extract". Use its anti-inflammatory properties in lotions, shampoos & serums.
Provital improves the quality of life of reactive skin with Senseryn™ a COSMOS, ethically sourced active ingredient that calms the skin with bitter taste receptors of hops.
Efficacy results demonstrated after a histamine reaction.
USFDA approved dyes and lakes/pigments
NATUROCHIM is launching two products derived from hemp!
NAT ORGANIC DEODORIZED HEMP SEED OIL & PREMIUM ORGANIC HEMP BUTTER : a hemp seed oil and a hemp butter, both deodorized, and both obtained from organic hemp seeds cultivated in the French Ardennes.
High-purified Lanoline for sensitive skin, Latossée propose Lanoline alcohol
Lanolines Stella, (purification of Lanolinas core business), has launched a brand new activity in the continuity of its know-how, a toll service, with advanced technology already mastered : molecular distillation. This technique allows the purification of products with high molecular weights and fatty substances with high viscosity. Applications vary from bleaching, deodorizing oils, to the concentration of active ingredients such as tocopherols, phytosterols, omega 3 ; as well as the decontamination of pesticides and other undesirable.
Stella plans to increase its service sales by 300% by 2022
VIVASTAR CS 200 GLUCOSE : compacting agent dedicated to solid cosmetics
Born from JRS compaction expertise, this natural binder, which is 100% watersoluble, helps the formulation of waterless cosmetics. With a good flow and a nice compaction ability it is the best candidate for the compression of hygiene solid cosmetics that are very trendy on the market. Its NOI=1
ImerCare® 6M: a natural and sustainable mica
IMERYS launches a natural and sustainable mica, sourced in France : ImerCare® 6M. This new solution provides both sensorial and cohesion properties in pressed powders and can be incorporated at rates of up to 80%, resulting in powders twice as cohesive as those formulated with standard mica. ImerCare® 6M combines efficiency and sustainability with this luminous, transparent, and highly cohesive French mica and is "Cosmos approved".
IFF | Lucas Meyer Cosmetics new launched product
Borēaline® Aurora acts on three parameters of skin complexion to give you clear, even skin for an optimal luminous look !
Greentech Group and Phytograde: a close partnership
Greentech Group and Phytograde have set up a close partnership combining their expertise to unlock the potential of Cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids as biomimetic natural active ingredients for cosmetic and dermocosmetic applications. Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate Powder is a COSMOS-approved high-quality product (>= 98% CBD) derived from sustainably grown industrial hemp, obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction. Recent scientific evidences suggest CBD could intensively sooth sensitive skin, limit skin aging, boost skin defenses and balance acne-prone oily skin
Givaudan Active Beauty new launched product: B-Lightyl ™
Givaudan Active Beauty unveils B-Lightyl™, a new ingredient created from Himanthalia elongata, a brown macro-alga, and crafted by Marine Biotechnology with the power to correct dark spots on all skin complexion types in a preventive and curative way.
FLAVEX Naturextrakte: Presentation of a new active ingredient
Available again : organic vanilla planifolia CO2 extract with 26 % vanillin. This highly concentrated CO2 extract convinces with fine aromatic flavour of organic vanilla beans and a high content of top notes. It also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. In cosmetics, the organic and COSMOS certified extract can be used for perfuming skin care products, flavouring toothpastes or improving the taste of lipsticks.
EXPANSCIENCE new launch : ORGANIC VIRGIN AVOCADO OIL 100% from Peru ! A soft, emollient and nourishing organic certified oil for all types of skin & hair. Very well tolerated, even by sensitive skins with essential qualities for moisturizing care formulas.
The multifunctional microbiome-friendly ingredient TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is the first made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol, 100% bio-sourced from non-GMO. It is suitable for all cosmetic applications and acts as a preservative booster, sensory enhancer, skin humectant, solvent & actives carrier.
Keramatch TM V from CRODA
Optimised plant-derived protein blend with an amino acid profile closely matching that of animal-derived keratin, Keramatch TM V provides exceptional consumer perceivable improvements in the sensory attributes of damaged hair and fragile hair and significantly improves tensile properties. Its benefits, already proven on Caucasian hair, have now also been demonstrated on Asian and textured African hair ; making Keramatch TM V a universal and inclusive, vegetable-derived alternative to animal-derived keratin, to breathe new life into hair care regimes.
100% natural stress-protection molecules
bitop AG is the global market leader in the production of extremolytes - 100% natural stress-protection molecules, made in Germany. These molecules enable the existence of life in the harshest habitats e.g. salt lakes or deserts. Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural are used as multifunctional & highly effective active ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products.
Are you looking for a treatment for your formulations?
CALDIC FRANCE : An ingredient which, at the same time softens and repairs weakened hair, brings a soft and silky side to the skin, non-sticky on application, with a firming benefit ?
Test and use (from 2%) one of the latest additions to the calsil® range, formulated without D5, and providing you with the same benefits, Calsil PB 10. INCI : HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE, DIMETHICONOL
Multifunctional emulsifier: Pellicer
ASAHI KASEI FINECHEM : Pellicer, a naturally derived Gemini type emulsifier, has a low CMC and can emulsify various oils by itself, as well as provide excellent skin and hair care effect. Lear more
ARKEMA receives Halal certification for Orgasol® Cosmetics powders
Arkema is proud to announce that its Orgasol® Cosmetics Powders are now Halal certified. To celebrate this certification, the Orgasol® team has developed a Highlighter cream, formulated with Halal ingredients. Visit our website to get samples and more information.
Organic Repulpami ER COSMOS certified
Alban Muller : Pro-age active from the unique blend of extracts of traditional Organic food and medicinal plants from Senegal : baobab and white hibiscus. Tested in vitro and in vivo, this active provides an immediate lifting effect, plumps and firms the skin.
AGRANA has developed an outstanding hair styling mousse with 100% natural ingredients and starches as green styling agent and thickener. Free from synthetic polymers !
PuraBeet from AGRANA: 100 % natural
PuraBeet is 100 % natural, sustainable, plant-based, high-quality betaine from sugar beet. It is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient and an essential quality upgrade for basic personal care products. It effectively supports the water balance at cellular level.
Juan Cebrián, PhD
Europe Skin Care Applications Manager
Coptis Lab is an excellent and very convenient tool for cosmetic formulation. It meets all our expectations from the formulations design, project management and regulatory analysis. Additionally, it helps to control Raw Materials and it's very helpful in the preparation of all the documentation.
Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Shiseido International France has been using Coptis Lab software since 2007 in the Research & Development laboratory. It is a very effective and user-friendly tool with many features.
The Coptis team is always attentive to the new customer needs, to the regulatory changes and implements compatible solutions for companies. In addition, the responsiveness of the Support department allows the resolution of problems and the contribution of effective solutions.
Xiao-Ming Wu
R&D Engineer Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. (Huanya Group) 
The Coptis system is a highly practical software with a variety of functions for the research and development of the cosmetics industry. Its built-in modules can assist cosmetics R&D engineer to solve daily work problems very well: messy paper documents, raw material data management, loss of formula data, test result missing, difficulty in searching regulation, data transfer and information sharing…etc. 
Vicky Wang
R&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
Coptis is a professional software solution for the cosmetic R&D department which enables information sharing between our national laboratories. The raw materials regulatory feature is very powerful and allows managing the raw material regulatory information from numerous aspects such as national regulation, warnings, raw material status and blacklist. Also, the quality of Coptis' support is very good. If there is an issue regarding the software usage, they patiently assist with finding the solution.
Alexia Martelin
Global Regulatory Affairs Manager Systems and RM Regulatory Intelligence
Coptis is a very intuitive tool. It centralizes all the essential information from our various departments (R&D, Regulatory, Safety...).  The information is thus accessible to all in one click. Thanks to Coptis software we save time, gain in traceability and we are serene throughout our various developments. Thank you to the whole Coptis team!
Innovation and Development Manager 
Coptis is user-friendly software easy for beginners to master. In addition to our cosmetic product development activity, we have been able to integrate the development of other health products such as medical devices and biocides. The follow-up of tests to be performed, inventory management and regulatory data on raw materials are essential to enable us to manage our 1,400 simultaneous projects. COPTIS also makes it possible to set up confidentiality during the development of formulas, which brings reassurance and discretion to our customers. Also, thanks to the installation on an SQL server, the transmission of information on materials and formulas to the various sites of our Group is instantaneous. Thus, our quality control, purchase and security departments also use COPTIS on a daily basis for information consultation. Finally, the Coptis hot line is very attentive to our needs and Coptis updates are appreciable.
Sylvie CHOPIN - Innovation and Development Manager  – Formulation, Manufacturing and Sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for private label or contract manufacturing.
David Durancet 
Cosmetic development manager 
Coptis users since 2008, we have been continuing its deployment to our different entities such as Innovation, Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs or Quality Assurance. Each of these departments has quickly endorsed its utilization thanks to an user-friendly and intuitive interface.. Over the years and through numerous exchanges with professionals, Coptis has been able to capture their real needs and translate them into rapid evolutions.
Today, Coptis Lab, Coptis Ingredients and Coptis Stock have become indispensable tools for Laboratoires Expanscience. I would also like to underline the incredible responsiveness of Coptis support!
Jordi Segura Tejedor 
Technical Director 
Coptis Lab is an excellent tool that has facilitated the organization and management of most tasks of our research and development, quality control and regulatory teams. It centralizes, in a single computer application, all the processes involved in the development of cosmetic products, from the first laboratory formulas to the placing of the product on the market (registration of all the formulation trials, management of stability, safety and efficacy studies, approval of formulations, pilot tests, first industrial productions, etc.). It also facilitates compliance with legislative requirements, such as the preparation of ingredient lists or confection of the product safety dossier. Likewise, it allows managing the quality control of raw materials, materials and finished product.  Since its implementation in our laboratories, Coptis Lab has become an indispensable tool. Thanks to it, we have experienced a notable increase in productivity and significant time savings in product development.


Kelsey Larsen 
Lab Manager
Coptis Lab has been a powerful tool in helping our formulators to better manage projects and testing by improving data sharing among our different groups. The Coptis customer service group has been great at addressing concerns and working through our personal modifications to make sure the system is optimized for  our laboratory needs. With additional functionalities to replace other systems, it had helped us streamline our data sharing and increase efficiency.
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity