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Coptis is exhibiting:
Coptis Team sends you best wishes for the new year!
Coptis Team sends you best wishes for the new year!
Coptis is working on an Artificial Intelligence for your laboratories
Coptis is working on an Artificial Intelligence for your laboratories
Coptis, Inc. Appoints Marie Renee Thadal to Vice President of Sales and Operations.
Coptis, Inc. Appoints Marie Renee Thadal to Vice President of Sales and Operations.
In her new position, Marie will oversee operations for the Americas market and streamline the business development process. She will implement efficient systems to address the needs of the organization and customers. Prior to her promotion, during her 10-year tenure, Marie led the Coptis Business Development team for the Americas with a mission to digitalize R&D laboratories. Anne Karagoz, president of Coptis, stated, "Marie has been instrumental in positioning Coptis to become one of the premier providers of PLM Software Solutions to the cosmetic industry in the Americas."
Exporting a cosmetic product worldwide can be complex because of the many different regulations. Have a look to the COSMED T.V interview with Flora Pensé about Coptis Reg, the new launched Global Regulatory database.
Exporting a cosmetic product worldwide can be complex because of the many different regulations. Have a look to the COSMED T.V interview with Flora Pensé about Coptis Reg, the new launched Global Regulatory database.
Coptis is excited to introduce our newest product: Coptis Reg!
Coptis is excited to introduce our newest product: Coptis Reg!
With Coptis Reg, formulators have access to validated, detailed and continuously updated cosmetic regulatory data, and are able to perform regulatory checks in the most effective way.

Ask your Sales engineer for a demo and see how with Coptis Reg, a Global comprehensive Regulatory Database, you can ensure compliance In-House
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps’ team productivity
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity
in-cosmetics globalBarcelona, Spain
in-cosmetics global
Barcelona, Spain

28-30 March 2023

Don't miss  in-cosmetics global, the leading global event for personal care ingredients. Coptis is exhibting at stand AC31. Don't hesitate to Book now your demo with a sales engineer. 

SCC Ontario Regulatory Meeting The Venetian, Vaughan Ontario
SCC Ontario Regulatory Meeting 
The Venetian, Vaughan Ontario

9 March 2023

Coptis is proud to be a sponsor of the next SCC Ontario Regulatory Meeting. Ontario Chapter Society of Cosmetic Chemists is dedicated to the advancement of Cosmetic science. 
Make Up LA, LA Convention Center, United States
Make Up LA, 
LA Convention Center, United States

16-17  February 2023

Coptis will be attending the next MakeUp LA exhibitionThis event orchestrates a friendly and intimate BtoB event gathering the most dynamic and creative suppliers with the most successful skincare and make-up brands, in THE city embodying beauty: Los Angeles! Don't hesitate to schedule a demo with Marie Thadal

HPCI Mumbaï, India
Mumbaï, India

16 – 17 February 2023

This is the India's Leading Exhibition for HPCI, Home & Personal Care Ingredients. Coptis is exhibiting at booth #C28 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo. Book your demo! Don't miss Coptis conference by Hanna Chen, on February 16th, at 11:00 am : "How digital technology and AI can promote and support R&D innovation performance." 
PCHI, Guangzhou, China 
Guangzhou, China 

15-17 February 2023

Coptis is exhibiting for the next PCHI China show (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients). PCHI is a trade fair for cosmetics and household chemicals. Buyers and suppliers in the industry are meeting here to learn about trends in the market, to inform about technological innovations, new scientific developments and new international rules. We are pleased to welcome you at booth #5L40 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo
Cosme Tech Tokyo, Japan
Cosme Tech 
Tokyo, Japan

11-13 January 2023

Coptis is exhibiting for the next COSME Tech show, Asia's leading exhibition for cosmetic ingredients, contract manufacturing, packaging etc. Coptis is exhibiting booth #17-18 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo. Don't miss Coptis conference by Kim Jin Hyung, on January 11th, at 11:30 am in Room CW-2: "R&D部門のパフォーマンス向上 Coptisソフトウェアで化粧品の処方開発を最適化" (Conference in Japanese "Improving the performance of the R&D department")
Cosmet'Agora, L'espace Champerret Paris, France
L'espace Champerret Paris, France

10-11 January 2023 

Organized by the French Society of Cosmetology, Cosmet'Agora has become in 15 years a major event in cosmetic formulation. We are pleased to welcome you at booth #35 and the sales team welcomes you for a live demo. 
You’re currently trading or looking to trade in China?
You're currently trading or looking to trade in China?
With the Coptis Lab PLM software, formulators can manage Ingredients list in Chinese in accordance with the IECIC inventory Chinese name. The substances used in a formula are automatically updated with the Chinese names and INCI/English names of the IECIC Inventory.  
The CSAR code is also a new field available in the raw material category. This submission code is required for all raw materials used in cosmetic products intended to be sold in China. 
Purple, the Coptis Lab chatbot, now allows access to the Video Learning Center
Purple, the Coptis Lab chatbot, now allows access to the Video Learning Center
You have a question about a Coptis Lab functionality, you don't know "how to" do a regulatory analysis, add a restriction or black-list a substance, manage a raw material stock, edit labels etc... Don't wait and ask Purple!  Thanks to the Coptis Video-learning license, the chatbot displays directly the link to the corresponding tutorial video.  You are able to watch and replay at your rhythm and when you wish it,  the various tricks of Coptis Lab from "basic" to "advanced" level. 
PuraBeet® betaine is a plant-based multifunctional cosmetic ingredient.
Betaine is recognized for its hydrating properties for hair and skin as well as for eliminating skin irritations.
More information
Berkemyol by Berkem, 95% of natural polyphenols – An anti-aging rich in antioxidants.
Berkemyol® green tea is an active ingredient composed of 95% esterified polyphenols extracted from green tea leaves harvested by hand in the Nilgiris mountains of India. Berkemyol Green Tea helps protect and maintain the skin in a state of youthfulness and optimal cohesion, fighting efficiently against ambient pollution.
Registration of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate in accordance with REACH 
BGG et BGG Europe SA are pleased to announce that they successfully completed the registration of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (EC: 207-296-1, CAS: 68797-35-3) in accordance with REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.
ECTOinOIL®: New active for water-free formulations
bitop's new bioactive ECTOinOIL® is the first oil-compatible Ectoin, especially developed for use in water-free formulations. With this innovative bioactive, formulators can create highly effective, water-smart products with Ectoin while saving 99.9% of water compared to an emulsion.
Acting together - CLR launches CSR program
It is CLR's mission and challenge to supply the cosmetics industry with high-quality actives contributing to the formulation of products that are not only good for the consumer, but also for our planet. CLR focuses on the development of new products with scientifically proven effects and innovative concepts for their use. The responsible use of natural resources is an essential constituent of its activities. Many of their products have obtained several certificates, such as COSMOS, Ecocert and NATRUE.
With the "Acting together" program, CLR now bundles its activities, looks proudly at what it has achieved, makes new commitments and continues on its path to a more sustainable company.
Croda embeds its purpose 'Smart science to improve lives' with the launch of ChromaPurTM CV2 & CV7
Croda International Plc, which uses smart science to create, make and sell speciality chemicals that improve lives, is delighted to unveil its latest innovation, ChromaPur CV2 & CV7. These new spheroidal cellulose powders offer a sustainable and functional replacement to plastic microbeads in skin care and colour cosmetic applications
Towards eco-conscious sun protection
Strike the right balance between SPF performance, cost, sensory factors and eco-friendliness.
DSM's virtual lab, DSM's SUNSCREEN OPTIMIZER™ 2.0 includes eco-profiling, offering a smart way to choose and combine UV filters for optimum performance.
EcoVadis Gold Medal for Flavex
EcoVadis honors our company's commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility with the Gold Medal. In the new assessment, we scored above average in the four categories of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Read more at
Givaudan presents New Purple 2364
New Purple 2364 is a 100% vegan and natural origin content pigment for use in make-up formulations. Extracted by green fractionation and ID Pack certified, this new pigment demonstrates impressive results when applied on lips, lids and nails.
Resolving inflammation for a healthy scalp and brighter hair - IFF LUCAS MEYER
ReviScalp™ patented mode of action increases the production of newly discovered Specialized Pro-Resolving mediators to improve scalp health and hair look.
Lear more
The new technology developped by JRS received the Award Ernst Pelz 2021
JRS reinforces its expertise in solid cosmetics with its new technology that transforms liquid formulations into solid powders or bars.
Lanolin alcohols in pastiled form 
Producer of highly purified lanolin, we also offer lanolin alcohols. Their high concentration of cholesterol, their powerful moisturizing properties on very dry skin makes it a key ingredient for your formulations. New 1st Semester 2023: we also offer these alcohols in pastilled form to facilitate the implementation in formulation.

Awards for Lubrizol Life Science:
PemuPur™ START polymer won the Gold Award for innovative functional ingredients at in-cosmetics® Global and the second place in the BSB Innovation Awards, where Resulook™ advanced botanical ingredient was third in the Naturals category.
POLYMEREXPERT Gold Sponsor of the COSMETIC 360 event
PolymerExpert is proud to be Gold Sponsor of the COSMETIC 360 2022 event ! Meet us at Stand LC34 on October 12 and 13! PolymerExpert takes you on a journey with new galenics in a range 100% natural origin made with the renowned EstoGel Green!
Schill+Seilacher presents Rheo2Green3
Rheo2Green3 is a concentrate of amphoteric and anionic surfactants. This combination provides mild cleansing, perfect foaming and micellar thickening for sulfate free personal care products. Conform to RSPO mass balance standard, also Rheo2Green3 MB is available.
The output of Piroctone Olamine from Spec-Chem chemical plant reaches 1000 tons/year.
Spec-Chem(Jining)Industry Inc., the Green Chemical Synthesis Base of Spechem Group covers an area of 115 Acres (around 77 thousand square meters), with a total investment of CNY380 million. The first  project SpecKare PO (Piroctone Olamine) has been successfully put into production middle of 2022,  annual output increased to be 1,000 tons/year. "Good Quality Comes From Qualified Materials".
Spec-Chem Group will continue to supply high-qualified green chemical products to global customers.
New launch: SymBronze® green
Natural tan enhancer (NOC=100%, COSMOS approved) from sustainable & renewable source (microalgae). It enhances skin's natural ability to tan without sun exposure and increases & extends bronzed glow during sun exposure.

New range of phytocannabinoids for SPECTRUMS EUROPE 
Spectrums Europe launches a new range of phytocannabinoids dedicated to high definition innovation. Designed for brands with the highest level of objectivity, regulatory compliance or specification requirements, the Optimaceuticals range offers the purest phytocannabinoids, backed by the most comprehensive data system.
Juan Cebrián, PhD
Europe Skin Care Applications Manager
Coptis Lab is an excellent and very convenient tool for cosmetic formulation. It meets all our expectations from the formulations design, project management and regulatory analysis. Additionally, it helps to control Raw Materials and it's very helpful in the preparation of all the documentation.
Regulations & Ingredients Manager 
Shiseido International France has been using Coptis Lab software since 2007 in the Research & Development laboratory. It is a very effective and user-friendly tool with many features.
The Coptis team is always attentive to the new customer needs, to the regulatory changes and implements compatible solutions for companies. In addition, the responsiveness of the Support department allows the resolution of problems and the contribution of effective solutions.
Xiao-Ming Wu
R&D Engineer Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. (Huanya Group) 
The Coptis system is a highly practical software with a variety of functions for the research and development of the cosmetics industry. Its built-in modules can assist cosmetics R&D engineer to solve daily work problems very well: messy paper documents, raw material data management, loss of formula data, test result missing, difficulty in searching regulation, data transfer and information sharing…etc. 
Vicky Wang
R&D, Shanghai Beukay Cosmetics
Coptis is a professional software solution for the cosmetic R&D department which enables information sharing between our national laboratories. The raw materials regulatory feature is very powerful and allows managing the raw material regulatory information from numerous aspects such as national regulation, warnings, raw material status and blacklist. Also, the quality of Coptis' support is very good. If there is an issue regarding the software usage, they patiently assist with finding the solution.
Alexia Martelin
Global Regulatory Affairs Manager Systems and RM Regulatory Intelligence
Coptis is a very intuitive tool. It centralizes all the essential information from our various departments (R&D, Regulatory, Safety...).  The information is thus accessible to all in one click. Thanks to Coptis software we save time, gain in traceability and we are serene throughout our various developments. Thank you to the whole Coptis team!
Innovation and Development Manager 
Coptis is user-friendly software easy for beginners to master. In addition to our cosmetic product development activity, we have been able to integrate the development of other health products such as medical devices and biocides. The follow-up of tests to be performed, inventory management and regulatory data on raw materials are essential to enable us to manage our 1,400 simultaneous projects. COPTIS also makes it possible to set up confidentiality during the development of formulas, which brings reassurance and discretion to our customers. Also, thanks to the installation on an SQL server, the transmission of information on materials and formulas to the various sites of our Group is instantaneous. Thus, our quality control, purchase and security departments also use COPTIS on a daily basis for information consultation. Finally, the Coptis hot line is very attentive to our needs and Coptis updates are appreciable.
Sylvie CHOPIN - Innovation and Development Manager  – Formulation, Manufacturing and Sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for private label or contract manufacturing.
David Durancet 
Cosmetic development manager 
Coptis users since 2008, we have been continuing its deployment to our different entities such as Innovation, Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs or Quality Assurance. Each of these departments has quickly endorsed its utilization thanks to an user-friendly and intuitive interface.. Over the years and through numerous exchanges with professionals, Coptis has been able to capture their real needs and translate them into rapid evolutions.
Today, Coptis Lab, Coptis Ingredients and Coptis Stock have become indispensable tools for Laboratoires Expanscience. I would also like to underline the incredible responsiveness of Coptis support!
Jordi Segura Tejedor 
Technical Director 
Coptis Lab is an excellent tool that has facilitated the organization and management of most tasks of our research and development, quality control and regulatory teams. It centralizes, in a single computer application, all the processes involved in the development of cosmetic products, from the first laboratory formulas to the placing of the product on the market (registration of all the formulation trials, management of stability, safety and efficacy studies, approval of formulations, pilot tests, first industrial productions, etc.). It also facilitates compliance with legislative requirements, such as the preparation of ingredient lists or confection of the product safety dossier. Likewise, it allows managing the quality control of raw materials, materials and finished product.  Since its implementation in our laboratories, Coptis Lab has become an indispensable tool. Thanks to it, we have experienced a notable increase in productivity and significant time savings in product development.


Kelsey Larsen 
Lab Manager
Coptis Lab has been a powerful tool in helping our formulators to better manage projects and testing by improving data sharing among our different groups. The Coptis customer service group has been great at addressing concerns and working through our personal modifications to make sure the system is optimized for  our laboratory needs. With additional functionalities to replace other systems, it had helped us streamline our data sharing and increase efficiency.
See how the Coptis Lab system is increasing Naturalps' team productivity