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Commipheroline is obtained from Commiphora mukul. This shrub grows in the Arabian peninsula and the arid parts of western India. This tree exudates a resin known as Bdellium in the bible Genesis 2:12), which is among the oldest fragrant substances. Similar to myrrh, it was traded for centuries by caravans on the Great Arabian Incense Road. Bdellium was part of the gifts brought (1Kings 10:10) by the queen of Sheba to king Salomon.

The oleoresin obtained by incision of the bark of Commiphora mukul is known as "Guggulipid" and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant.
It is currently approved in India as a lipid lowering drug due to its anti-cholesterol activity.

By modulating two key mechanism, Commipheroline activates lipogenesis and helps in building up triglyceride size in adipocyte.
The skin is more tense and the wrinkle diminish by a mechanical. Bust firming products will benefit from this unique property.

- inhibits cAMP
- activates G3PDH

Commipheroline helps to:
- diminish wrinkle depth
- reduce visible signs of aging
- firm and tone the bust

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