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This extract is regarded to have antimicrobial, purifying, antiseptic and healing effects for the skin. Thus, it has acquired a reputation for anti-acne treatments.

It could be an alternative for consumers who are looking for a holistic wellness approach to their skin concerns and prefer to use natural skincare products that make them feel better. To further dynamize its consumption:

. Patch-format solutions have entered the market, providing a new way to treat blemishes. South Korea and Japan have seen recently granted patents for devices designed to boost the benefits of a growing list of topical anti-acne offerings in these markets.

. Emphasise touch-free application methods like spray-on formats and highlighting long-lasting freshness rather than on-the-go convenience

. Promote a hero fusion for anti-acne dermocosmetics that not only improve the outbreaks and helps with acne marks to improve skin surface and appearance, but also introduces the skin wellness benefits of centuries' long respected active ingredients to the West and East.

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