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Resveratrol is well known as an ingredient of red wine and has been extensively studied to show several biological activities of 1:
- Free radical scavenging,
- Alteration of eicosanoid metabolism,
- Inhibition of platelet aggregation,
- Anti-inflammatory activity,
- Anticancer activity, and
- Estrogenic activity.

OxyResvenoxTM is the registered trade mark of Oxyresveratrol from Sabinsa. Oxyresveratrol is an analog of Resveratrol and is of synthetic origin. US Patent 7,253,324, grantaed to Sabinsa specifically protects the process for the synthesis of biologically active polyphenolic compounds like Pterostilbene, Resveratrol and Oxyresveratrol by novel dealkylation.

Oxyresveratrol contains an additional hydroxy group at position 2' of the stilbene moiety. Oxyresveratrol (2', 3, 4', 5-tetrahydroxystilbene) is a stilbenol, a derivative of stilbene, and is produced in plants with the help of the enzyme stilbene synthase. Stilbenes are polyphenolic compounds that act as cancer chemopreventitive agents.

OxyResvenoxTM, an important analog of Resveratrol exhibited a potent inhibitory effect on dopa oxidase activity of tyrosinase which catalyzes rate-limiting steps of melanin biosynthesis.

OxyResvenoxTM, finds potential applications as an Anti-tyrosinase, Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory ingredient. Oxyresveratrol showed potent inhibitory effect with an IC50 value of 1.2 µM on mushroom tyrosinase activity which was 32 fold stronger inhibition than kogic acid, a de-pigmenting agent used as the cosmetic material with skin whitening effect

In view of skin lightening, de-pigmentation and anti-inflammatory potential it can also used in cosmetic formulations as an anti-aging ingredient.

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