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ECTOinOIL is the first oil-compatible Ectoin and is specially developed for the use in water-free formulas. ECTOinOIL allows brands to develop sustainable, water-smart products with great efficacy.
This 100% natural and multifunctional bioactive can be used in various cosmetic applications, such as:
.skincare formulations (face and body)
.anhydrous formulations: oil-serum, body oils
.color cosmetics (e.g., foundation, mascara, eye shadow, pressed powders)
.baby care
.sun care
As the recognized expert for Ectoin, the research of bitop aimed to make the highly water-soluble molecule Ectoin available for water-free formulations and therefore developed ECTOinOIL.

With this innovative bioactive, formulators can create highly effective and water-smart products with Ectoin with the same efficacy while saving 99.9% of water compared to an emulsion. Furthermore, ECTOinOIL is produced by means of sustainable manufacturing processes (biofermentation).

The combination of water-saving applications and sustainable manufacturing origin makes this active ingredient a true "green ingredient".

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