Coptis Lab :
The industry standard software for cosmetic laboratories.
A key and evolving solution for data management centralization.

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Key Concepts

  • Projects follow-up in real time
  • Risk control
  • Development cost saving
  • Reactivity
  • Traceability
  • Information sharing
  • Access security and customizing
  • Compatibility with existing systems

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Project management - Formula development follow-up

  • Planning of development, project library
  • Formula history and comparison, marketing submission, pilots
  • Formula cost and quantity to weigh
  • Sub-level Formula Management and Expanded view of the formula to the ingredient level
  • Real-time display of black lists and regulatory restriction linked to raw materials and ingredients
  • Automatic customizable alerts : Organic label, CMR, Nano, VOC etc…
  • Formula multicriteria searches by composition and characteristics


  • European / US/ Japon Nomenclatures etc.
  • Automatic management of Allergens (threshold), Traces and other Warnings
  • Instantaneous Regulatory Analysis of the formula under development according to the predefined market
  • Automated printing of different templates : Ingredients list, formula registration to exportation
  • Creation of the Product Information File (PIF)
  • Management of the CNPC functionality of the section “Category and Frame-formula” regulation according to mandatory EU regulations from July 11, 2013.
  • Calculation of the Safety Margin (Mos) according to the SCCS

Test management

  • Management of the Tests : Tolerance, Stability, Compatibility, Challenge test…
  • Customization of the test tables
  • Automated schedule for the tests to be carried out by user
  • Comparison of the tests results on different formulas

Raw materials management

  • Centralization of and technical data properties, nature…
  • Centralization of regulatory data (INCI Risk phrases GHS and EPI, HMIS, IFRA …)
  • Automatic sample request
  • Management of a suppliers’ directory
  • Multi criteria search (more than 50 selection criteria)

Quality control of raw materials and formula

  • Customized specification data sheets
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Comparison of analysis results from different lots and batches
  • Editing MSDS (template)

Packaging module

  • Centralized management of primary and secondary components’ information (composition, nature, origin, specifications, traces/impurities, prices and documentation, etc)
  • Creation of Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Price simulations based on quantity and supplier
  • Follow-up of tests on the finished product : stability, compatibility etc.

Electronic management of documents

  • Centralized access to all documents relating to projects or raw materials